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  • mulligan994 mulligan994 Jan 1, 2008 9:43 AM Flag

    Ameritrade's new restriction ??

    I can't believe this. I have been in and out of PDEX stock for several years now (mostly in) but when I tried to take advantage last week of a lower price I was told that your order cannot be entered on-line and that you have to call a broker. I was fit to be tied because getting a broker took another five minutes and by then the stock was gone. I talked to them Saturday and it is on their restricted list but they would not tell me why. You can sell at anytime on-line but purchases must be thru a broker and as you all know with this stock trading successfully can't be done waiting for a broker to enter the order. I will have to seek another broker after seven years with TD Waterhouse/ Ameritrade.

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    • Oops, you're right. Missed that sentence.

    • I think you may have mis-read the bonus description. They get ZERO bonus if they drop below 80% of target.

      If they exceed the targets (I say targets because 7.5% bonus comes from quarterly performance and 7.5% comes from the annual performance), they get a multiplier of greater than 1, and if they miss, they get a multiplier that is less than 1, unless the actual is not at least 80% of target, as previously mentioned.

      Nothing unusual here...hope the targets are both aggressive and achievable so that they result in the appropriate business behavior.

    • Hope you're right about Johnson, can only trust Murphy's judgment there. I do appreciate Ritchey getting a raise, I thought he did a nice job in trying circumstances as the acting CEO.

      As far as the bonus structure achieving the intended business practice, I suppose, but I did get a chuckle out of seeing they still get a "bonus" if they manage to achieve a mere 10% of operating income goals.

      Anyway, PDEX has been holding up very well during the Wall Street correction since PDEX last announced earnings, looking forward to their next release.

    • Regie... I believe that the warranty problem surfaced during his tenure when a lack of quality control allowed faulty parts from a vendor to find their way into the finished product. I don't know who was to blame but of course the captain of the ship always catches hell when the ship goes down. In reading back on some of the company filings it seems that he was the one who initially made all those gaudy promises about that new dental product Intra-Flow. I think of all the things that disappointed me the most was all the PR and hub-bub about plans for that product and then the complete silence about it ever since. If the company mis-steps I want to know about it along with any good news provided. Murphy is on the right track although he is ultra conservative on the public image side (no pr at all) but that is because he wants to be sure the company isn't going to backfire anytime soon in the midst of his progress with the company and I can appreciate that.

    • I believe he got into trouble when serving as the CEO but I think it's obvious that he brings strong value as a business development guy. With Murphy running the show, I'm comfortable that the salary and bonus structure is fair and achieves the intended business practice.

    • What restriction? I bought on line (sadly at 2.5) sometime ago.

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