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  • Pull_Collective Pull_Collective Dec 1, 2001 4:14 PM Flag

    Is PBY Big in Puerto Rico?

    I'm viewing some kind of on going war of words between someone called Marth and some spic look guy named Jack down in PR.

    What's the linkage with PR?

    I've been there and its one disgusting place.

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    • Pull,

      I inadvertently started the war of words between MOTR and Jack when I indicated that Puerto Rico was a real success story for the brand. The island has a huge car culture and the Puerto Rico stores are among the most profitable in the chain. Granted, the place is pretty f****n' dangerous, the stores look like s**t and the LP issues are immense, but that's true for anyone that does business in PR. This information was taken and used as ammunition for various racial slurs, etc.

      Also, for those of you keeping score out there, Jack is the sane one and MOTR is, well, who knows what the heck MOTR is - male, female, crazy, whatever. S/he certainly has been wrong about PBY over the last year.