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  • martha_on_the_ragg2 martha_on_the_ragg2 Jun 4, 2002 3:32 AM Flag

    I've Always Told You All

    that this POS stock is way over priced and you best get out with whatever meager profit you might have lucked out with and be happy.

    The Idiot-in-charge still hasn't a clue on how to be a leader and lead this company to great fortunes.

    An just watch -- the stock price will hardly ever get above 16.50

    this is the price dumb old Mitch committed corporate funds and even took a loan out to buy back in the Dutch Auction of ohhhh a few years past.

    Those treasury shares are still a negative asset on the balance sheet.

    Sure hope you people follow my advice.

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    • marth, you are a dumb ass rag bag that has bashed PBY since it was 22% of current prices. You must feel as stupid as you write, quite!

      Sure it grieves you and other dickheads like goodwrench and all his alias' when PBY has the gaul to go up on a day when the market is getting its balls clipped!

      Get accustomed to it as PBY will be amongst a few stocks that will outperform the general market over the next year ++++ despite the fact that it has outperformed the market during the past couple of years.

      Buy some PBY, sit back, relax and enjoy life for a change!

    • Martha,

      I followed your advice and got out at a loss at around $15.90 right before it went up.

      I felt like a fool, but in hindsight, you were right.

      Since you have apparently been negative on this stock for a long time, I'm curious---at what point do you think this stock has value?

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      • Seeeeeeee, PBY just cannot sustain itself when it get up to the Dutch Auction price.

        Today the drop is three percent. In just one day !!!!

        The big man asks when is it at value price.
        The answer is when its single digit, all other things being stable. Under 8 its a screeming buy ask I know XOM still is interested but only at screeming buy prices.

        The other instance is if you see the headline that Mitch retires, is fired, just leaves, or dies..........instantly buy all you can afford at whatever the price. When this company rids itself of that idiot and put just about anyone (normal American type of course) in his position this company is then capable of really soaring.

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