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  • martha_on_the_ragg2 martha_on_the_ragg2 Jul 19, 2002 11:41 AM Flag

    Well, Boys and Girls

    How do you like your stock now?

    I remember so vividly your touts that "PBY will be hitting in the 20s real soon"

    And I just have to think -- how stupid they all are. Oops, except one. Miss Mousey could have made even more money with her short trade, just look at this puppy tank today!

    And its just so fundamental a call -- Mitch is an idiot. So except the volitility of a stock with an idiot at the helm.

    Who has been telling you the truth now for oooh so many years??

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    • Go stick your head up your A@#SS and Quit riding your brakes and bitching about service!!
      we stockholders can afford it!!! Go PBY More$$$$


      1. Happy customer--you won't be when your rotors overheat and the pads crumble.
      2. happy shareholder--you wont be when these $20 brake jobs done by $20 flat techs kill this company


    • stockoptomist wants to be regarded as a brilliant analyst
      Stockopto go get a book on investing, then get someone to read it to you

    • I've looked at PBY for many months with a casual interest and thought if it got into the 15's I'd buy however due to other things in my life I didn't do anything. Then the market seemed to crash and when PBY hit the 11's I couldn't resist and bought 200 shares. Same with GTY and added another 100 shares. I know I should have bought more (and could have) but then I'm the kind of investor that likes to spread my buys/sells over several months.

      For routine maintenance I've found PBY good for oil changes, etc. Last year I moved to NM from Sherman Oaks CA and there are not any Pep Boys near by so I have ended up doing my own maintenance.

      I like you believe that things will rebound however I'm still skeptical about the overall market and will feel better if we see sideways action forming a base for the next week or so.

    • I agree with you and will put Mr Goodwrench back on ignore. I've tried to start some conversation, unfortunately this board if full of Goodwrench and Martha types that don't talk about fundamentals or give any kind of intelligent analysis of where they think the stock is going and why.

      So, I'll try again...
      I think it's really tough to know where PBY is going short term because of the volital market, although PBY has done a good job of ignoring or bouncing back quickly after some of the recent market drops. Long term, I believe PBY is undervalued and will resume its march upward. We were in a good trading range between 15 - 17 before the latest crash. I would look for those levels again before saying the stock has recovered and will continue to move up. The fundamentals are good, earnings continue to grow, and despite what some would say, I think management has done an outstanding job to keep PBY profitable. So long term, I am very bullish.

    • As was said before...
      It is obvious you know very little, not only about vehicles, but life in general.

      See ya when the Tahoe starts using coolant--(*psssst it's the intake manifold gasket, stupid)

    • Come on you guys....both of you are never going to convince each other about how you feel, how about calling a truce. I'm sure PBY has many good stores and maybe a bad apple in the group somewhere. Instead of trading barbs why don't we trade info that makes everybody money. I've been buying stuff at Pep Boys for 30-35 years and have never had a beef.

    • Thanks for confirming my suspicions. "Pay me now or pay me later" is a scare tactic used by you unethical mechanics to squeeze as many dollars out of every repair every time you can. You make me sick.

    • You obviously know very little about vehicles.

      It is impossible to respond to your AstroVan scenario without knowing the details.

      When you have a vehicle with say 150 K on it that has maybe had 4 or 5 brake jobs-just replacing the pads & machining the rotors-you are asking for trouble--sooner or later the caliper WILL hang up----> and not release-- probably not in your driveway either--add on the towing fees/inconvenience etc and as the story goes >>You can pay me now, or pay me later

    • Since I take it in every 3-4 months for an oil change/lube I will have the brakes checked again (for FREE at Pep Boys) and do what needs to be done - nothing more.

      You must be one of those dealer mechanics that wants to rebuild the entire vehicle when a customer brings it in. Like the the dealer mechanic who wanted to fix my Astro Van's leaking water pump by pulling the transmission to replace freeze plugs, replace the radiator and the water pump. Give me a break!

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