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  • plgreen1 plgreen1 Aug 4, 2002 1:07 PM Flag

    Need For Democracy In Corp Elections

    On August 2, 2002, the Committee of Concerned Shareholders and James McRitchie jointly filed their Petition for Rulemaking with the SEC.

    The Petition seeks to create corporate democracy and true accountability. Petitioners ask the SEC to amend its Rule 14a-8(i) so that ALL Shareholders, using the simplified Shareholder Proposal process, will be able to nominate Director-candidates and the names of those Director-candidates must be placed on the corporation's ballot.

    Entrenched Managers and Directors will only improve corporate governance when they can be held personally accountable, e.g., voted out of office and replaced.

    We ask YOU to join in our efforts. It would really help all Shareholders if YOU, and others who you might inform, view the Petition through our web-site (Section VII, "Shareholders Unite!") and write e-mails of support to the SEC. Your effort can make the difference.

    Committee of Concerned Shareholders (Paste to browser and add "http://".)

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    • I bought PBY because I felt at $11.20 it was greatly undervalued. I don't think AZO is. Currently, the P/Es are PBY=18, AZO=28; P/S are PBY=0.32, AZO=1.4. PBY pays a dividend, AZO does not. Finally, I have more leverage at $11 than $69 (AZO is currently $69) since I can afford to buy more shares.

      Why do you think one has to fall?

    • You dont like the fact a woman (martha) is in control over a store . Someones jelous

    • Agreed...martha is a loud mouth with no substance.

    • martha_on_the_rag2 is nothing more than a fool and an idiot who doesn't know a balance sheet from a balance beam. Look at this quote from her posting on 8/13/02:

      "Thursday oughta be an eye opener. See how well the market values just so-so earnings. Hopefully Mitch will match (but not exceed) year ago's. He's got a lot less stores to work with this year. Oh yes, the shareholders paid for Mitch's mistakes."

      Oh yea - we're paying all right. Taking it right to the bank. Thanks Mitch for closing those looser stores and laying martha off. She obviously deserved it. Keep up to good work!

    • I keep asking what you want PBY management to do and the only concrete think you have come up with is to complain about the radio and TV ads and suggest ads in the Sunday papers. Do you even know what is costs to put a decent-size ad in all major newspapers? Where did you get your marketing degree? You think you are smarter that all those marketing experts at all the $billion+ companies that spend millions on TV and radio ads? They wouldn't do it if it didn't work. Do you want PepBoys to advertise in Pennysaver and stand on street corners wiggling signs to save a few bucks?

      PS - Where's the single digits you predicted by now?

    • Martha you'd like me to hold my breath till the 20's? That might take a year or more but I'd make a better than even bet that it will happen.

      With any big company there are scoffers and I like you believe this pos will end up single digits but for different reasons. You because you think this is a lousy company. I because I think the overall market will drag it into the single digits. I believe that in a company with so many locations there is going to be some disgruntled customers. It can't be helped. I think that if PBY ever gets into the single digits without any major problems I'll hock the ranch.

    • All you cheerleaders think that somehow/magically this dog stock will just push right up into the 20s.

      It was certainly there before but mostly was seen sliding by as the stock and its valuing slid down to single digit.

      The company hasn't changed really too much to warrant any increase.

      Typical baffling Mitchism is lack of conventional advertising.
      Seen any Pepboys ads in the sunday newspapers?
      The sunday paper can stay around a household for a little while. Whereas any TV adverting just flashes by -- you might be in the bathroom when Mitch runs his little jewel.

      Stupid Mitch wastes lots of money that way -- whats the shareholders to do? They don't seem to know or want to really do anything except cheerlead from the sidelines.

      That won't make the stock go up.

      Then also look at all the happy customers who post their tales of woo here around getting ripped off by Pepboys or their incompetance.

      Thursday oughta be an eye opener. See how well the market values just so-so earnings. Hopefully Mitch will match (but not exceed) year ago's.

      He's got a lot less stores to work with this year.

      Oh yes, the shareholders paid for Mitch's mistakes.

    • Sorry, but you'll never get Mitch to agree to such a scheme. He'll spend every dime of your corporate money to fight such a plan lobbying against the SEC doing such.

      Mitch likes to pick his boys personally. Only gets those who support his nonsense fully.
      Independent thinkers need not apply.

      Only way shareholders here will get this company back on track is to unamiously reject the slate of directors that Mitch pitches to you each year.

      With Mitch in there today, this company is still overvalued on the market.

      Watch for the single digit.

      To date though, only little Mousey has used this advice to consumate huge gains. At least huge enough to get a new SUV out of it.

      Are the rest of you all just dense?