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  • peperallo peperallo Oct 2, 2002 12:09 AM Flag


    You are right on the money with decision making people in this company. They don't have a clue. We are a service business. We sell service! We have been through 3 major cutbacks in payroll in the last six months, and every time our sales drop a little. Then the regonal managers come out and raise hell because we are not doing our jobs to keep sales up. Store managers double as cashiers, parts counter people and unload the trucks when they come in. Service managers spend their time retrieving parts, installing tires and batteries because we have no employees to do it. The "good employees" leave and go with the good companies and we're left with the guys who can't work anywhere else. This company is in trouble. The lastest cut backs include eliminating service managers and dumping that job on the store managers (as if they don't have enough to do already) these decisions are being made by the same people who put up the "tires installed in 59 minute or less or you get a free oil change" sign and then cut us back to one tire installer. Do you know how many oil changes i give away in a day? Lots. I don't know how this company will survive with the decisions these guys make. I plan on leaving them in the near future. My pay has been cut twice since i've been with them and now make less then when i started with them 3 years ago. I'm soooo motivated to go in and put out 110% to save this company. I'm one of the best they have right now. I sold all my stock last year at $12. I bought at $5. It will be back in the single digits soon if changes up top don't happen. You are right when you said they're all yes men to mitch. And mitch is clueless.

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