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  • pbyer1989 pbyer1989 Jan 14, 2003 7:18 PM Flag

    author's on this board

    Some of these posts absolutley amaze me. I have worked for PBY for 15 years, and yes we have the same duffle bags out there as any other company. We carry the same products and goods as any other company. Neverthless, anytime I have seen PBY mess up, they have corrected the problem (At least in the South). However, most of the foolhardy posts on this board are stemmed from some of the most uneducated, non-grammer savvy and just plain idiots that can not spell or have no sense of the english language. Evidently PBY offers some sort of excitement for these people as they keep coming back. I have made some great $$$ on this stock over the last two years, and feel I will continue to prosper with PBY. If all my investments were performing like PBY I would be retired by now! If you think trash talking on this board and expressing unintelligent rubbish is going to change anything, think again and learn to spell!!!!

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    • That's cold Martha!

    • kennedy05 Jan 19, 2003 10:48 AM Flag

      The way it was presented to me by L.P. was "making restitution may help your situation".At the time I had no idea I was facing termination,so I agreed,even though it was not my vehicle.As it turned out,the svc manager also paid restitution-the same amount as I did.Do the math,and then consider that they collected for services that never appeared on an invoice,and that I was not paid for.All profit for them that does not get reported.How many times a year do you think this happens?Why continue to employ "mechanics" and "sales associates" that steal merchandise,and cause thousands of dollars in damage to customers vehicles?Perhaps to cover up their illegal activities stealing from terminating employees?The world may never know.

    • kennedy05 Jan 19, 2003 10:37 AM Flag

      Here is the good part:Another mechanic turned us in.The very same mechanic that towed the car in question back to the store.While he was on the clock!And yes I was on lunch when I did this,I have the time sheet to prove it.

    • You are the type of labor that Mitch loves to have replaced.

      You work good, maybe. But you mouth off too much and you make too much.

      Mitch has a preference for the wet-back types who work even harder and way way cheaper.
      And for a bonus --- just bring em in a bag of tacos on Saturday; they love it.

      Your theft of service should have rightfully been taken out of your terminating paycheck.

    • How did LP. find out and were you on the clock at the time you were doing this service??

    • kennedy05 Jan 18, 2003 8:43 PM Flag

      The transfers were employee initiated,not company initiated.As you should know,being an ex-store manager,the company does not initiate transfers of mechanics between states to "get rid of a problem" as you put it.I made a very good living during the time I worked for them,transfering only for family or economic reasons.The company will never get any better unless they hire skilled employees,burn their current business model,and do some serious damage control on their public image.Do you wonder why almost all of the posts here are negative??Considering the number of complaints and the area that they cover(meaning across the U.S.)even you must see that pep boys is suffering at the hands of its employees.A company this size certainly should be able to invest in quality employees,but instead will hire anyone to do the job.I have lost count of the number of "mechanics" hired with a craftsman fishing tackle box full of wrenches,turned loose in the shop to work on vehicles unsupervised,performing shoddy repair work,and nothing being done about it.This is a fact and you know it.Add to this problem indifferent store management,a district manager who could care less about your problems,no support from upper management, and you get a store full of employees that will abuse this to the fullest.In the stores I've worked in,managers operate on intimidation-meaning do what I say or else-and keep your opinions to yourself.Yes I did get fired for making my service managers car run (so he could get home that day) in the parking lot.It also happened to be while I was on lunch-not "company time"-my time, my knowledge,my tools-nothing taken or used from the store.Theft of services is what L.P. called it,and the D.M fired me after 5.5 years with them-no prior write ups,averaging 160%productivity every week and responsible for 53%of the total labor dollars made in that store for 2002-e-mail me and I'll give you the store number to prove this.THIS is why I rant and rave on here about them-I got railroaded to save payroll dollars(along with the service manager).The company clearly values the bottom line above all else so why pay me high dollar to do it right the first time when they can get some shade tree dumbass,pay him next to nothing,and let him do it over again and again.Here is a newsflash:the manager of my former store was aware of an ongoing sexual harrasment problem and failed to report it for over a month before the recipients of the harrasment reported it due to his inaction. HIS punishment:a write up-final notice for violation of policy.The handbook CLEARLY provides for termination in this case,so what's wrong with this picture??How do you like your company now??Like I said before,not only do they condone this type of behavior,they encourage it!!

    • Kennedy,
      At least I didn't get fired for stealing a 50c qt. of oil or fixing my bosses car on parking lot.

      Another dumbass, worked in 3 states and 7 stores, you are right we will keep some of you idiots to long. transfer the problem instead of firing. Well it didn't happen on my watch.

    • kennedy05 Jan 17, 2003 9:48 PM Flag

      Actually,I think he is a cheap F****er.He is probably still getting his employee discount,AND is too stupid to know any better!!This joker is the sterotypical pep boys manager- uneducated,unmotivated (too lazy to even use spell check)and obviously experienced at deflecting the blame from himself by pointing out the shortcomings of others.Go back to pep boys pawpa,the village needs another idiot.

    • I'm surprised you didn't me district manager for PBY.

      One last shot dumbass read your own sentence copyed from you last report.

      I didn't say I was stupid. Guess I put it wrong, uneducated not dumb.

      But looks like we are both borded out of our minds to keep going like this. This is what kids in grade school do.

      I apoligise to the rest of you and will try to be more constructive from now own.

      Every time I take my car to Pep Boys is a good day.

    • Capslot, One last post to you, I sent you to Pep Boys sux because it is for mindless dumbasses like you to complain, not PBY message board a place for people who are intrested in the stock. This is not the complaint board. The people you are trying to turn away, don't look at your complaints to figure out what stocks to buy or not. They are smarter than that, I am not that smart so I look to the board for help not complaints that waste their, and my time. I go to Pey Boys sux to read the complaints. Have a nice day.

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