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  • Patrick_91403 Patrick_91403 Aug 4, 2003 11:25 AM Flag

    Hey Martha

    IMHO With interest rates going up it looks like it might be a while before PBY will hit 16. I've sold all my long holdings.

    With all your insight I can't thank you enough for the good laugh we all have had at your expense!!! Thanks Martha.

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    • Are you ever going to learn that I control the price of this stock?

      I know and influence the directors and know the idiot who still resides there. I know how they act and think. I also have their ear.

      You will not be seeing 16 until those monkeys do fly out of your ass.

      You might just ask yourself: if things are so peachy why is the new guy closing all those unprofitable stores?

      And secondly: why are there any unprofitable stores in a recession when people should be seeking repair of their cars to conserve funds?

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      • Hey Martha

        It does seem you are a control freak however it seems that the only thing you might control is mouse and with lots of deodorant the smell that emanates from the ragg 2.

        If you look at my last message I've sold all my long holdings which included PBY, APPX, YHOO and GTY due to the interest rate environment. MOVI is the only stock on which I lost a small amount. I've held these stocks between 3-6 months. Overall profit was excellent. Martha I've done all this without your help. If interest rates stabilize then I'll be back.

        Martha I do need a good laugh once in a while. Thanks for being there for me.