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Pep Boys - Manny, Moe & Jack Message Board

  • jrj90620 jrj90620 Aug 12, 2004 11:18 AM Flag

    Love to see this company going down!!!!

    Here in overcrowded So California I look forward to riding the bike trails to avoid the horrendous traffic and noise.Not anymore.Thanks to this company and some others there are now these noisy and polluting mini motorcycles on the bike trails.It's illegal but nothing I can do to stop these idiots.Hope this irresponsible company continues South.

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    • Let me see if I understand your reasonaing here. You hate Pep Boys because people are riding motorcycles (that Pep Boys sells) on the trails where they should not. It upsets you that they are there, besides the fact it is illegal.

      Yea sure that makes sense. You must be a liberal. Don't think of assessing blame with the offender, punish all other parties indirectly involved with the violation.

      I suppose you hate Glock as well. Well you know they make the best performing sidarms, and they can end up in the hands of people with bad intentions. Glock is also a very bad company too huh?

      How about GM or Ford? I mean they make cars, and everybody knows that there are many people out on our roads that are really not so fit to drive. Many of them continue to drink and drive and kill innocent people. GM and Ford should be hated too huh?

      What a nut you are. Do you have any rational sense of reasoning at all? Good luck with that.