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  • oldpby oldpby Dec 23, 2004 7:58 PM Flag

    My Christmas Bonus

    After two years of full time service, never been late, don't have benefits because I can't afford them- my bonus this year was- An effin $5 dollar gift card from Wawa. Eff you if you read this at Corporate. This Company will always be low class because they don't care about their full timers.

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    • Honesty is the best policy. Being a smoker, I have occasion to be outside talking to our customers (only once in awhile- I promise). LOL

      The only gripe I ever hear is how "I was told it would only take 2 hours and now here I am 4 hours later and my car isn't even in the shop yet. If I had known, I would have left my car or would have come back another day." And most of these people are tire customers. We may get the immediate sale, but, how many repeats do we get?

      If the tire wait is 4 hours, tell them. If they leave, they'll be back- we have the best tire prices in the universe- how's that for non-specific! The same goes for other service work- don't just sell the job, keep the customer informed- have a problem with part availability- let them know right away- don't make them ask. Common courtesy is all most people ask for. IMHO

      Just a few thoughts.

    • The turnover is enormous- I'd better not comment further on that topic.

      Seeing as how I've blown my cover anyway-

    • Sorry to hear about Franks dad too.... Well I do know a Floyd but not sure if he is the same one you know... I have known many people from your store but don't think any are there now anymore..

    • Patrick- I appreciate your support, BUT it might behove me to have you on the other side- until further notice, of course! LOL

    • If you know Frank, did you get my love ya mean it? I got the saying from him.

      Too bad his father passed away- I think it had a lot to do with his leaving. BTW- do you also know Floyd R. Gotta love MO BASE. I used to shop at his PBY store in West Chester PA a long time ago! He's now the First at my store!

      We have a good team!

    • You might be the MAN!

      Bye it Up!

    • Your Correction is Noted!!... :)

    • "CORRECTING AND REPLACING Pep Boys Declares Quarterly Dividend
      Wednesday December 15, 10:38 am ET

      PHILADELPHIA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dec. 15, 2004--In BW5450 issued Dec. 15, 2004: First graph, first sentence of release should read: dividend of $.0675 (sted dividend of $.0625)."

      Correcting and replacing Walt declares:

      Entire paragraph should read:

      "After two years of full time service, never been late, don't have benefits because I can't afford them- my bonus this year was- A gracious $5 dollar gift card from Wawa. Love ya, mean it- if you read this at Corporate. This Company has the ability to trancend the competition if you'd just pay us full timer's enough to live on and maybe divy out a little more in the way of incentives."

      Hey, if they can correct and replace- so can I! LOL

    • What, Ya can't brag about sales numbers, your store manager, and store location? I'm hoping more people will come to visit our store.

      What will be will be!

    • If you do get terminated,even though you seem to overall enjoy working for the boys(you masochist),I would venture to guess that the competition would be more than happy to have you on board.

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