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  • martha_on_the_ragg2 martha_on_the_ragg2 Jun 21, 2005 1:40 AM Flag

    The Invisible Hand of Adam Smith

    With PBY's pe ratio way over 100, it will be market forces that push the share price down to get that ratio into proper order.

    Patrick, you little pissant, you are going to see 12.

    And I (eye, eyeeyssir) will see 8.
    And you will lose your shirt.

    Thank top management for totally f#ucking this company over.

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    • M.O.T.R.,

      You are usually on the money. In this case you may have misread the invisible hand of Adam Smith for the all too visible hand of Paul least as it applies to the chronic activity on the fifth floor at 3111 W. Allegheney.


    • Hi Martha:

      "Patrick, you little pissant, you are going to see 12" I hope so.

      Little pissant? Last time I looked in the mirror I was 6'2". The last time stepped on the scale it hit 205. Martha what is a pissant?

      Yes a PE of 146 means that earnings are almost non-existant. Good. That will change. Things will improve but hopefully after I buy my 2 shares starting at 12 and ending at 8.

      Martha if I lose my shirt I can always go down to the Good Will and get another one.

      Tell me martha are you and mouse going to short PBY at 13.50? If so do you intend to bail at 8? Tell me martha how many shares are you going to borrow?

      Your busom buddy,


      P.S. En que ciudad vive?

    • PBY will be selling donuts as well as some furniture.