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  • elcap00 elcap00 Nov 14, 2005 2:47 PM Flag

    buyout --

    I just went long on PBY for 3200 shares. My sources tell me that PBY is an acquisition target and talks are in process. Say whatever you want---I have never been on this board. I will refer back to this post when the press release comes out.

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    • Iknowvalue, that is funny.

      Pep's has many problems to solve. Leveraging the real estate would not help the company. It would put a couple of bucks in the shareholder's pocket, but would not address the dire situation that exists. This is a short term solution, and the problems have no short term solutions. The problems were not caused overnight and they will not be solved overnight. If anyone from Barington would like to participate in this discussion they are welcome. It would be interesting to see their strategy, if they have one. They may find out that they are inserting their hand in a meat grinder, they may pull out a stump.

      By the way, we haven't responded not because we were shocked, we were updating our resumes. The company will probably lose a couple of associates to the competitors. Some are usually told to go work for the competition they are that bad. If the Barrington boys were a real powerhouse the stock movement would have been much greater. Good luck guys, you don't know what your getting into.

    • The company is worth more dead than alive. They are sitting on a small fortune in real estate holdings but unfortanatly Barrington Partners are small time. They came after a a small Phila Bank a couple years back and got beat bad in a proxy contest. They then dumped there stock and entered a standstill agreement and watched while the stock doubled and sold with them on in the sidelines. His presentation at the annual meeting was pathetic. PBY should get consolidated but again its not going to be by these knuckleheads.

    • this stock will hit 11 (chapter 11, that is) before it hits 17. they have serious problems that will be extremely difficult to correct. toot your horn now, but pb will need some good bankruptcy attorneys within 18 months.

    • I'm talking about the last 50-60 days. Someone is accumulating shares of PBY. I posted here about 2 months ago about the volume. If you take the abnormal volume over that period you'd have well over 20 million shares.

    • Yes I agree, full credit. I think I was in support of this "rumor" at the time. I am very surprised that the activity has begun to peak so early. I was expecting this during the 1st quarter 2006 !

    • Give this guy the credit he's due! Even if it's a small number of shares, elcap00 had something when no one else did. He had info when all the "insiders" said "it can't be". No matter how you look at it, his information was credible.

    • 20 million shares? 1.32% of 54 million is around 713,000 shares. I was wrong I thought they had 1.3 million shares (my mistake) I over estimated it. No I'm not short the stock. If it was an offer for 24 bucks then we could celebrate. He just wants to change management and reduce debt to increase shareholder value. He must be reading our posts. I think the board should send him a letter congradulating him on his investment, nothing more nothing less. The, liquid audio? This is a much bigger company, but yes has serious problems that need addressing.

    • 2 months ago? the first time I was on this board was the day I went long (3200 shares)on 11/14/05. Before that I never had an interest in PBY. I never even thought about this company being public. I am long but, I think the stores are crap and the people inside them are chain-smoking rednecks. I am not trying to toot my horn but, I was a little offended by people on this board telling me I was full of sh*t when I mentioned the buyout. Faststeve was one of them and I think he is short---I am sure he browned his shorts today. Oh--BTW--this rise is not over---today was just the first step---this will be an acquisition.

    • You're so smart.....

      You were talking about a head fake 2 months ago when the volume started to double and triple some days. Hey go back and count up the days that were above normal and count the shares that have been aquired! The average volume was in the 750 800K range and now its 911K.

      54 million Outstanding shares

      I bet that they have aquired close to 20 million shares. I believe that is a little over the 9.9% you were so smart to tell us about. If you are short I'd sure do some praying.

    • Its not really a buy out offer. Just some company trying to make a fast buck. I mean, please, a measly 1.3 million shares out of how many issued. Do you want us to roll over on our backs now. The guy has to get serious, tell him to come back when he has a 9.9% stake. I thought it was Ican or W Ross, or Eddie L that was interested. Tell him to put his cahones on the table and leave them there, not a head fake. The uptick has been dropping all day. Yes Wall streeters would like the stock to rise significantly. But please!!!!! get some other offers.

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