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  • lagunadan92677 lagunadan92677 Nov 28, 2005 2:38 AM Flag

    Auto Repair Industry

    Farm-use vehicles, huh? How many Pep stores are close to you? My personal experience was from both Los Angeles County and Orange County. I personally worked in about 15 different stores during my 16 years (part of the older strategy of keeping employees moving up, either by position or by volume of store), and was in constant communication with so many more store managers. I'm going to go out on a limb, and say that you probably don't have 40 to 50 stores within 50 miles of you. When I needed work done on my car, I would call the store manager and ask about the qualifications of their mechanics. It was routine to hear the store manager say that they had no confidence in their service center AND would not even let them work on his/her vehicle! Maybe the real shocker is that I'm not exagerrating a bit! Only about 10% of the store managers had confidence in a least one of their techs. It was also common knowledge in each district here in So. Cal., where the good techs were. With the exception of simple installations, that's where some store managers, and district managers, would take their personal vehicles for repair. I was fortunate to have a few good techs over the years, but most of them were lured by better pay at the dealerships. My point is: Maybe your store is the exception, but don't think it's the rule.

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    • Your right Dan. Just see any free labor report
      and try to tell me we dont have a problem. Comebacks and customer sats are out of hand.
      And we are talking about simple jobs like brakes and tune ups. I get tired of all the coddling of our mechs because we are afraid to lose them. And why are we afraid to lose them?
      Because replacing them is very difficult.

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      • I agree that we coddle our guys, try to imagine yourself picking up your car after a premium brake service to find that the pedal is low (i dont see labor to adjust rears)the floormat is dirty (must be the installer wasnt me)and the keys are not where they belong (oh yeah umm oops i kinda forgot)
        the only way to really keep this from becoming an everyday thing is to be a manager, not a buddie! INSPECT WHAT YOU EXPECT! seriously customers can deal with slightly higher prices for quality parts and quality work its up to us to make it happen

    • I'll give that to you...I thinks my store is an exception as I have travelled many stores throughout the division, both as a store manager helping out and as a DM(in a previous PB life)...there are some shops in markets with a good crew and yes, each shop has at least one or two that do not know as much as would be liked...but that's the nature of the beast we choose to work at...being open 7 days a week, late night hours makes it nearly impossible to attract the better, more sought after techs...they can pull dealership duty M-F and be home for 6pm dinner with the wifey...

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