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  • martha_on_the_ragg2 martha_on_the_ragg2 Aug 8, 2006 4:16 AM Flag

    Can't ya just smell 8 coming ? ?

    This POS stock and the idiots that are in charge only go to show that the decline will be to 8 and below.

    At 6 Exxon will offer 8 and all you yahoos will jump on it like a pack of sick puppies.

    Mark my works ..... this will be the future.

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    • $8........not low enough. $6? You may have spent too much non-quality time in the shop with the mechs, tachs an installers........CO and various hydrocarbons and the out-gassing from the tires may have altered your judgement.
      Or, was it an OD on OzzyJuice? The only Ozzy that makes sense is, you know who in this case......"Suicide Solution."

      Trailing earnings.........HAH. $5 or less is my trigger. Lightning DOES strike more than once in the same place. Ask the RVP with the most f'upd stores.
      A roll of the fuzzy dice....down the BEANER aisle, for sure. But it's always someone else's money, right?
      Exxon.....yeah, sure......NOT. Too busy BUTT-HUMPING consumers.

      Made a bundle when it was in the three's, sold in the upper 20's.

      I felt that the BLUE SMOKE and MIRRORS that the canadian book-seller sold at his dog and pony show fooled the hoi-poloi. Nobody did a reference check?

      Oh, yeah baby.........I might get back in at the right price.........PBY worth more dead than alive.

      Meyer M.

    • Martha I'm Proud of you Keep up the goooood work. We all know how astute you are! I'm waiting to buy at 8. Keep bashing Martha get those with weak hands to sell their stock. I love losing $$$ and I pray that it gets to 8 to load up the truck.