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  • faststeve21 faststeve21 Aug 11, 2006 8:24 PM Flag

    Pump and Dump

    Why do the people that think Pep Boys will go up keep telling everybody PBY is a �screaming buy� or �way oversold�? Why don�t they just keep that a secret and continue to buy the �way too cheap� shares at their �way oversold� price. If I owned any shares of this evil company I to would be telling everybody PBY was a �great buy� to convince others to buy and drive up the share price so I could dump my shares without loosing any more money.

    I am not an investor; I am just a lazy, good for nothing PBY manager that thinks firing is too good for the finger pointing thugs hiding on the 5th floor. I, like most of my fellow managers would prefer to see them taken out behind the building and beaten to death with a steel rod and then tossed into the dumpster with the rest of the trash.

    This stock may go up or it may go down, but from what I see there are a lot more reasons to go down then up and that makes me happy.

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    • With your note on how dogs could be sold if you talked bad about them I have this to say. How many dogs would you sell if you didn't stock them and served tuna even though the sign clearly states Hot Dogs. Hmm almost sound like kayaks being the main item in an ad for a PARTS store. I also must add to you POS pom pom shaker. What would you suppose would make a once successful store manager that was happy to go to work at his job at PBY miserable? He is very correct about turnover rates at this miserable shell of a company. If PBY was the competition and Mitch was making his videos like he once did he would be grinding away in a celabration on this. He would be waiting to gloat when the shop closed. Why should store managers be required to do well DESPITE the poor leadership that is dragging it down. Leadership that sits there and points fingers to place blame at any who dare speak "negative" things. Tell you what, if the damn idiots on the fifth floor stop f*cking up we can all stop talking "negatively" about them.

    • All these ex-employees just trashing the company right bib.

    • moving this back to the top of the message board...also just wanted to see if "charles the idiot" will reply to this post since he feels the need to reply to every post!

    • What does that mean?
      "I worked part time at the stanton ave store in philli for a few years back in the Mitch days and then full time at 262 black horse pike New Jersey. Which store do you work at?" A manager does'nt think that way.
      Were you in management? In all of your posts you act like the service manager.

    • I worked part time at the stanton ave store in philli for a few years back in the Mitch days and then full time at 262 black horse pike New Jersey. Which store do you work at?

    • He has been posting since 01 and probaly just recently left.
      you are a complete idiot.

    • Interesting,
      "I�ve been here and posting on this board since 01"
      On March 18,2005 you posted
      "I realized a few nights ago that I had never hated a job before I took my current job with Pep Boys."

      On Sept 9, 2005 you posted
      Pep Boys was and still is a dirty company and a bad place to work! I still check out this board once in a while but Just thinking about my two year internment at Pep Boys makes me ill.

      Besides not telling the truth, one common theme rings out in many of the Faststeve fan club is the blaming of other people for their failures. You stated once that the SFM was the reason that your techs left. You all act like the 5th floor is the reason for poor morale in your store while admitting that you have a bad attitude. Think maybe they caught your disease?

    • I guess it�s my turn. I�ve been here and posting on this board since 01 even though I �escaped over the wire� as steve would say. pepchitown is completely wrong and all the employees like walkingtocool, richardccranium, retail_guy_2, bubba_zanette, shavedmikehunt, faststeve21 and all the rest are correct. When I left pep boys I was the most senior manager in my district because the manager turnover rate was so horrific that within one year of my hire every single store and service manager that was in place had quit. Pep Boys is a dirty unethical company that cheats its employees and treats them like subhumans. The people that have never worked for Pep boys should be asking themselves: Why is it that pep boys employees develop a fanatical hatred of this company and its senior management?

    • If your story is true, which it probably isn't, first time poser, I mean poster, you are a wuss! But at least you did us the favor of quitting. I wish Faststeve would do the same. Unless he really is selling hot dogs in East Chicago. How many could you sell while telling the customer that the dogs sucked? Maybe one of you Steve lover's could give him a job.

    • you are a lazy good for nothing Pep manager. What store do you work in? I can help you get fired.

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      • Pick any store and ask for the retail manager or the service manager and you�ll find me. I am in every store unless you happen to walk into one of the many stores that don�t even have a retail or service manager because they walked out. You can forget about getting me fired because it�s just not going to happen, and when it does there will be another angry person to take my place. Manager turnover is so out of control that they are desperate to keep me even though I hate this company and spend my days, every day, telling everybody how much Pep Boys sucks. Let me tell you just how desperate they are; they even have me training new �fresh meat� retail managers in my store. Now that�s funny!
        My AD is so busy hiring people he doesn�t have time to deal with me even though I disrupt every meeting and conference call. Every time he tells me I am a disruptive influence I tell him to get used to it. Today is a sad day for me and my fellow managers because everyday we check the stock price and cheer when PBY goes down and weep if it goes up.

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