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  • Pull_Collective Pull_Collective Jan 13, 2007 1:49 PM Flag

    All You Whinney Employees

    I can't believe all the cry babies who leave messages on this stock board.

    If you all can't man the counters with gusto you should quit.
    And good managers should fire your sorry lazy asses if you won't.

    I read about shabby looking stores. What's that about?
    The employees should be out there ontheir own time cleaning it up to save their jobs.

    If not, their managers should fire them.

    We have to all pull together to get this once proud company back on its feet.

    All slackers must be sacked.

    And I think this Martha person should bring her big breasts to a few stores to help draw in the weak shoppers who shop with their eyes.

    So get movin.

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    • "The employees should be out there ontheir own time cleaning it up to save their jobs."

      It's ignorant yes-men and corporate drum beaters like you that would make a stupid comment like the one above. I suppose you are in your 20's and are proud of having been given a position of authority in your store...but you fail to realize that you propose in your statement of stupidity is suggest employees are to work off the clock and all the rest of us know that's a huge violation of the wage and administration law not to mention company policy.

      Go beat your drum some where else!

    • Your a slacker Punk that will lose all his dough here!

      You find another board to share you mis information about!

      Flat rate techs putting together bikes!

      Im the live ghost that will continue to haunt this good for nothing but a big settlement CHECK!

      See ya Punk!

      The Paid Wizard REENER

    • Hey Martha/Martin don't you get confused with all the aliases? Only a MORON posts time and time again with different aliases believing that we think it is someone else.

      Hey Martha/Martin How does it feel to be a MORON?

      Your Good Buddy,