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  • short_the_dow short_the_dow Oct 24, 2007 4:39 AM Flag

    Pre-Service Disaster

    You guys experienced the new pre-service? They want you to sit outside in your car at the pre-serve dock while they check all your fluids and crap you probly don't want. And you've got to sign something if you want to decline...

    What could have been a usual 3 to 10 minute drop off for my ignition work was 20 minutes today (just for drop off, OK?), and i was 1st in line!!!! making me late to return to work after lunch and apologizing to my ride for the wait in the pep boys parking lot.

    But it gets better. The poor guy at the parts register and phone has to double time it out to the pre-serve dock, (no added help for this corporate genius idea...just suck it up you cashiers) and the other mechs think it's a bad idea too and encouraged me to call corporate with my beef, if i hated it too. (1-800-pep-boys ... customer relations)

    So i did. They retuned call tonite with a friendly guy who was, unfortunately, more interested in DEFENDING the fabulous new pre-service than hearing, really hearing my thoughts on it.

    So much for customer is First! This is a bad omen for Pep Boys. I've used these guys for years and it's been great, but this torques me.

    Here's what's clear to me; the local shops remains full of the same good guys, but corporate has its head up its ass about this pre-service IMO, insisting on what's best for you and me no matter what we say or actually want.

    My prediction: if corporate KEEPS its head up its ass about pre-service, customers will migrate, earnings will be hit.

    Hey, maybe I'm a clever bastard short. Maybe. But for those that maybe sense my true story here and aren't sure, you need to go to PEP BOYS and CHECK OUT THE NEW PRE-SEVICE! We'll share some notes. Then let's see if you call me a bastard liar. ;) Don't be lazy! Use the services you invest in, whenever practical.

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    • Hi Sound!

      All these identities are one person. That person likes to pull everyone's chain. And yes that person is a MORON.


      Are you listening Martha. We all love you!!! We all want to invite you to a Mexican pig roast. Its pot luck you can bring the pig (yourself). Trouble is Mexicans are very discerning and will probably throw the pig out with the garbage.

      Con Mucho Amor

    • You Moron ! Manny Moe & jack were not mexican

    • No wonder this firm is going to Hell in a handbasket.

    • In the beginning there were 4 partners---Manny Moe, Moe ( that's right there were 2 guys named Moe) and Jack. Seemed silly to refer to Manny Moe Moe & Jack so they shortened it to Manny Moe & Jack. Shortly after one of the Moes dropped out so it all worked out.Yup--Evolution has a way. Pirate may be a group of brilliant and talented money geeks but it is only a matter of time before they realize they need an automotive person to run this place not a banker. Ehen that happens either they will bail or find some car people to call the shots.Without being wordy I see a turn around coming but not until summer 2008 possibly mid to late summer.Even at that if they want to see it happen there better be some changes in core thinking quickly. It is much easier to turn around when running on a level surface than it is if you are running downhill

    • Mid, I am just a mechanic who enjoys fixing things. Troubleshooting is always a challenge and rewarding when successful no matter what level it is applied. The basics are the same and its starts with truly understandig all the moving parts. Pep has allowed to many components of its operations to get out of sync; much more than Advance. I agree, both have margin and employee comp problems, but Pep has major problems that even employees and margins can't correct. Instead of a strong supportive tripod approach, (service bays,retail store & commercial ops), management gives up on the most perceived unprofitable commercial leg. Now the structure becomes even weaker as management starts replacing the once stronger service leg ( Oak ) with a softer ( Pine ) material. Less demand for hard parts due to softer services; less reason to stock it; less reason for retail to come in and buy it! The cycle continues downward until Pep ends up selling scooters, commercial goes away, and the bays become limited to changing tires and oil. The tripod is now unable to stand up. The trouble shooting of the problem was easy.Do the pirates have the time and money to refurbish this unit, especially under these market conditons? What should they do first? Throw out the non-supportive inventory and restock hoping the marketplace will respond? Hire & highly comp professionals ASEs prior to sufficient inventory support, again hoping the market will respond? Advertise more? ( Just joking ). Pep has to over come a slightly tainted image. It needs a creative new look. Bottomline - RISK ! The pirates are risk takers and their investment PEP has taken that notion to new heights. If Merrill Lynch can take a 8.4 Billion cannon ball hit in the side, then these guys are capable of commandeering a sinking ship. Riggy

    • When PBY is not making any earnings anyway, how bad a hit to earning do you think it will take to knock some sense into the suits at the top?

      They just want you to spend more money unquestioningly.

      It's a fine business model designed to shake as much money from loyal customers and keep hitting them for more as long as they come back.

      Haven't you figured this out yourself yet??


    • i just learned that this was one of the regional director's brainchildren. Fortunately, this might mean it will only happen in a few states around Texas, and no farther. Lucky for you shareholders. . .