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  • martha_on_the_ragg2 martha_on_the_ragg2 Jul 24, 2008 10:46 AM Flag

    PissAnt Patrick calls me a Lazy Broad ?

    With folks following my inside sage advice and making money on the foilbles of Pepboys you Patrick have a lot of crust.

    Notice how there is no more talk of how a CEO will turn Pepboys around....."in just a few more quarters"

    The quarters have come and gone and all the yahoos claiming big turn around power have failed. Yes - failed.

    For one full year, you all touted your boy wonder Jef as the be-all do-all saviour of Pepboys.

    Nope - failed. Just took the money [actually more than anyone expected] and ran.

    Well - now there is another suitor for Pepboys.
    There is, I know him personally, a King in an oil producing nation that is interested.
    His plan is to find a workplace in America that he controls to employ many of his downtrouden countrymen.

    Like Exxon, he has the bucks to buy PBY off the market.

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    • Oh please, who in there right mind would spend money on a company. that no one can bring back. The people who are running the company now, can't think for them selfs. So lets put it to the Board and see what they have to say. 11 years ago I lost every penny I put into this company. All because someone let it slip that PEPBOYS was closing stores. I think these BIG wiggs need to get out of there offices and see what really goning on out in the real world. You want to make more money TAKE CARE of THE PEOPLE working for you, In turn they will take care of you...........

    • Dearest and Wonderful Martha

      Wow so insightful, where do you get the wisdom of Solomon? Now it's a rich King and you know him personally! We are just sooo impressed. Maybe we'll be lucky and when we go into our Local Pep Boys and walk in your footsteps.

      Such a true Sage, we all humbly bow to your awesome intellect.

      Su PA Esclavo,


      Por Favor digame, que es un PissAnt?