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  • mouse386 mouse386 Nov 1, 2008 10:57 PM Flag

    patrick with a little peepee

    Let me laugh at you, you little piece of trash.

    Brunco still wants to get his hands on you, and wants to ravage your associate Barbara.

    You keep insulting Martha even though she makes money for those who listen and follow her sage advice.

    If you are the Mexican Martha says you are, you will be tracked down and thrown out of this country because you are illegal and we won't want you ilk here.

    Hope you lose a lot of money on PBY stock, too.

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    • Oh gee dear Mouse!

      I'z in sooo mucho pain dats I can't seems to function anymore. The pains iz I thunks abouts all da times. No more smellin the roses. No more eatin outs at Taco Bell. No more goin to the bolin alley. Just beans n rice & chicharrones on Sunday.

      Did I tell youz I bout sum more PBY just in times for it wents up. Gots an average just under 7 now.

      I used the spell check you & Bruno sent me. It sure works well. I checked it against sum Mexican words in my Spanish/English dictionary and guess what? It said I spelled chicharrones correctly and all the other Mexican/Spanish words. How bout dat! Sure wurks gud for Spanish buts you'z needs to tells Bruno he needs to tweeks it just a bits fur English.

      Yur Gud Buddy!

      Says Hi to Martha fur me! And tell Bruno thanks fur da speels check.