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  • efficientmarkettheorysucks efficientmarkettheorysucks May 23, 2009 8:04 AM Flag

    going into the car radio installation business

    Pure genius,,PBY is going into the 12 volt installation business to take up the void left by the demise of Circuit city. The installation of gps, car alarms, stereos is a great way to increase revenues.

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    • I read that article and two words popped into my mind: Granite Countertops!

      Yes, I reminded of the bubble-era home shows like "Property Ladder" and "Flip that Home". It didn't seem to matter what type of home was being fixed up, the kitchen had to be gutted and stainless steel appliances put in and, of course, granite countertops.

      As one comment appended to the article says: "And the average age of cars on the road has reached an all-time high, because they are more expensive, last longer, and people are afraid to buy new ones right now. It's like hanging on to your home-- expect to see more interest in upgrading what you have instead of trading it in for a bigger and newer one."

      I think this is true. Maybe I can convince Odell to make me "Director of Fuzzy Dice". The rest of you can fight over "Director of naked women mud flaps".

    • Here we go again....last sentence of news article......."Pep Boys had no reply to a TWICE inquiry" publicity and they don't want to talk about it.....could be an oportunity but 20+ new team members after "staff reductions" equates to north well over $500,000+ in additional payroll and benefits a year. Does management have a clue as to how many millions in additional sales this is going to take just to break even. They even hire a Director... There is a reason that Circuit City and Tweeter's failed........and a reason Best Buy is cutting back on inventory and selection...
      duhhhhhhhh. PBY management has never heard of "returning to basics"....DaninFW