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  • carmine_langone carmine_langone Jun 28, 2009 11:52 AM Flag

    if i was short id be scared cause.............

    this new bod is agrassive and i can tell they want the stock back to 20 possiable 30 a share for example the day after the new bod they announce a dividened i can only assume more news to come guys they might be shopping the company for a sale weither you like it or not this is going to 20 any which way u cut it
    and with the dividened news stock goes up 5% and breaks a new year high wtf!!!!!!!!!!! so goodbye to single digits teens here we come!!!!!!!!!!11

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    • PBY has a lot of goodwill, despite the bad management over the past decade or so. I get a lot of stuff for my cars there. While I'd rather use independent stores for some things, oil, ignition stuff, cleaners, bulbs, etc. are well stocked at PBY. Over the past year, I have noticed a vast improvement in how quickly customers are helped and how quickly shelves are stocked, etc. They sucked in these departments for at least 10 years. I think that PBY is on the road to recovery. I only wished that I'd have peaked at it when it was sub $5. Oh well, I still think it'll be a two-bagger from this point through the end of the year. Time will tell.

    • Carmine!

      While I'm a long term PBY Long you seem like one of those paid pumpers. You know one of those Rah Rah Guys that works out of his home making the hefty sum of $7.00 an hour.

      No substance, nothing funny just hot air and bad language. You are sounding more like Martha but on the other side of the fence. Could it be you both work on the same computer. Now that would be a great job getting paid to pump and then dump. Come on Carmine can't you make us laugh or give us good info like daninfw04?


      Hay Martha could it be that you are the Ying and Carmine the Yang on PBY? Say hi to mouse for me.

      Su Amigo


    • I feel dirty......Shorted the POP on Friday....Covered and went long 4k today.....