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  • shorthighcoverlower shorthighcoverlower Apr 3, 2010 3:35 PM Flag

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    Danin: it sounds like you are hoping the stock takes a dump.....when we are out of stock we used to own, that is a typical wish...because we want to get back in at a cheaper price to justify selling in the first place and it hurts too much ( kind of torturous) to see a stock you sold, quickly go through the roof to levels you never thought were possible! It has happened to mee too many times to count!!! If I had no posiiton, I too ,would be rooting for a buying opportunity!!! mark krieger

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    • Mark, BTW, I put most of the PBY money into SBGI at $4.81 and it closed at $5.33 friday. That's 10.8% return. PBY would have to be at $10.97 for me to be doing as well. I think I did okay. I expect SBGI to break $7 in next 30-60 days. DaninFW

    • No question I am hoping for it to go down. However, I also want company to do well. I still own $200K face of PBY bonds........bought most at $410 a bond. However, when stock was beow $9 I placed a GTC sell order at $9.90 and it executed while I was on a Panama Canal cruise. I still can't believe it surged to $9.90 much less broke $10 and almost $11. I was thinking they could earn 5-6 cents this quarter but my sources tell me sales will probably be down 2-3%. If so they will be hard pressed to come in even flat. I still believe they will do better than 4 cent loss expect. After earnings, PBY will either surge to $12 or fall below $9. I am betting on the latter. GLTA> DaninFW