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  • shorthighcoverlower shorthighcoverlower Apr 16, 2010 5:16 PM Flag

    wow---what impressive relative strength!!

    The whole market melted down yet PBY was green and made another new high. This stock is unstopable. High relative strength is a very very good thing!!

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    • re penny stocks... take a look at ARWR... don't just look at the technicals (which indicate a possible new base >1...) but peruse recent developments and the businesses it holds in its portfolio.

      As for PBY, many good things are happening... it's just taken time for the street to appreciate the Co. It has clearly turned around, and is quite a different company than it was 2 years ago. Unless I'm missing something fundamentally, it does appear to be a technical breakout at the moment.

    • I made a killing buying Cooper-Standard bonds at $110 each and selling for about 4-5 times that a few months later when they filed bankruptcy. If RMIX files Bk then the stock and bonds will overreact again and therein lies the opportunities. If bondholders agree to equity swap then the stock will double or triple....I plan to be ready to make money either way. When SBGI looked like they might file bankruptcy, the stock got below $1......was $7.54 today. I bought $200K face of the bonds for $82,000. The bonds today are worth $190,000 and I have also collected $12,000 interest in past year. That $82K investment has returned $202K in just under a year. A fortune can be made in bankrupt companies and companies defaulting that will survive. The RMIX bonds only has about $20 million+/- in debt ahead of it in the capital structure. They will end up with 100% of the company in bankruptcy and 85-90% if they do it outside bankruptcy. I own RMIX bonds and stock. If RMIX stock goes to zero I will still make more than enough to offset it in the bonds. daninFW

    • Same here....maybe as bond holder, Dan will get a lot, but we as stocks holder will be screwed :-(

    • Thanks Dan.Although I fail to grasp default and Make a lot of money in the same sentence as a positive?

    • I am watching DPTR real close right now and will buy more around $1.48-$1.51.......still holding RMIX bought at 35 cents. Will be news anytime now till 5-01-10 when interest on bonds passes grace period and is declared in default. Will be a big opportunity soon to make a lot in RMIX. Am watching TRMA real close and was more interested in bonds. Stock went a few days ago from $2.20 to over $3 and was $2.35 today. I may start accumulation below $2.20.........RAD always good below $1.32..........for day trading blocks. Will also buy T below $26.........for trade and 6.8% dividend. Will buy SBGI again when it corrects.GLTA

    • Relative strength may be impressive, but what concerns me most is the fact that there doesn't seem to be high volume days to validate this. Please comment.