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  • pedro9xxx pedro9xxx Dec 23, 2011 5:07 AM Flag

    Me whole family works at Pepboys

    I am so proud to have a job at Pepboys.
    I invite my whole family to come in and work with me.

    No fems come to me store.
    Me fix your car even if no know how.
    Whole family try work on your car.
    Maybe fix it.

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    • They were bought for their realestate holdings! I worked their in the 90s poorly ran mangagers that could not manage a lemonade stand,low quality parts bad techs! Cars will be returning to dealerships OEM parts are must guys working 0n one make is the future the cars are just to complex the after market auto repair business to going the way of the T.V repairman! Disclosure I am a Honda Tech for the last 15 years and we can just keep up so try working on all makes and models not happening Good ridden Pepboys!

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      • You are so right. I went to PEP Boys last year for wheel locks and while I was there asked if they can replace a bulb. They charged about $30 for the bulb which took an hour to replace and they replaced the wrong bulb. It's a good thing I checked after they gave me the car and the manager said, "you must have needed two bulbs." I told him he was full of it. He just didn't want to admit they were that stupid. Anyway, he then changed the correct bulb which took about another hour. A week later, the crappy bulb they put in by mistake blew. My car is still under warranty so I just take it back to the Buick dealer and I would never, never, have anything done at PEP Boys.