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  • bradbaum41 bradbaum41 Aug 23, 2012 8:48 PM Flag

    Cramer is Wrong - This is a good company

    I hear you. You need to understand that the auto repair and the auto parts business in general is fiercely competitive. So given the type of environment that they are in, it's pretty much a tough gig. The key here is image. Once you lose it, it is pretty hard to get it back. You are basically saying they are not trustworthy. I suppose I understand where you are coming from. If this company fails, it is simply because of two reasons:

    A. they have ruined their image for being honest
    B. the industry they are in is really cut throat

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    • Immage once lost can be regained, all it takes is time and money. Better to always have the customer's best interest always as number one. Sometimes if the customer knows that new management is in place they will give it a second try.

      Take Martha she will always give PBY a second third fourth fifth chance even with the same management. Martha is always easy no matter who it is.

      Right Martha?

      Yur Gud Friend


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      • I suppose the best way to see how the customers really feels about how they are being assisted is to ask them. Perhaps Pep can come up with a customer survey that customers can take to determine how certain expectations of theirs were met ?? Then Pep can know of course who and what they are dealing with. Of course, it doesn't just do any good to just ask how someone feels. It also really matters to ACT on this knowledge. The key to it all is to know good employees who really care about the customer and is not just in it for themselves.