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  • daninfw04 daninfw04 Dec 10, 2013 11:39 AM Flag


    Not in PBY at present so wish longs and shorts luck. Plenty of time for longs and shorts to make money today. I plan to trade PBY again but wouldn't consider buying till low 11's maybe mid 11's depending on today and tomorrow. However, this is a great trading stock. LT holders always get killed. Today's report supports what I've been saying for years with their new strategy. PBY's having a 3% same store sales decrease requires them to buy or open 3% more stores each year just to get the same sales as previous year. Think about it. They have 759+/- stores as of today. That means they have to open or buy about 23 new stores just to keep sales the same.........and they pick up extra rent, salaries, utilities, etc. etc. just to do the same sales. Same store decreases indicate they are losing sales in core old Pep Boy locations or they are not doing as well with acquired stores as previous owners. They don't break out the specifics but either is bad and one or the other or both are true.....the $600,000 severance payment begs the question who got fired and paid over a half million to leave? When they finally fire O'Dell we will see millions in severance for him alone. Some things never change. They need to stop growing the company with more locations and figure out how to grow sales in already existing stores. Till they figure out the organic growth issue they just keep making the problem bigger. Anyone awake on the BOD's????? GLTA. DaninFW

    Sentiment: Strong Sell