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  • mrs_kong mrs_kong Feb 7, 2014 8:36 AM Flag

    Auto Zone up 29 Dollars in one day !

    Now that is a company.
    Up more than twice the shareprice of puny little Pepboys.
    Serious questions arise about just how good is Pepboys in the auto part business.

    If you hold PBY stock, you are a fool.
    A fool, fool , fool.

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    • I have been saying this for years. I remember hearing this "if you want the same results, keep doing what your are doing". Well, Peps is doing the same thing over and over year after year. Their business model if outdated, pricing needs to be more competitive, service personnel are not qualified to do the job right the first time. Too many comebacks costing the company way too much money. Sales personnel are not professional parts people with very little parts knowledge.

      The worst part is upper management is hiring and promoting people that are not qualified in their management roles. Just take a look at the VP's and area directors company wide that are running their respective areas. Much to be desired!!!!! "CALIFORNIA"

      Second, the same mistake is being made in opening these small service centers. Did not learn their lesson when they opened Parts USA. Opening these stores cost money and require a lot of qualified mechanics and technicians which PBY does not have. Just drop by in one of these shops. You will be surprised at what you see.

      Third, stores are dark, cluttered, dirty, empty looking and store personnel do not portray a friendly customer service atmosphere.

      Put every thing together and you get the results that we are seeing in the stock price. Most companies learn from their mistakes and take lessons from successful companies, but not PBY. Maybe they think that they are too big to fail.

      Sentiment: Sell