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  • smaycs4 smaycs4 Mar 21, 2014 11:32 AM Flag

    Sold a little at $13.49 today. And got my oil changed at a pep buys recently

    My store used to be a big 10 tires. I hadnt been in there in 7-8 years because I always had better deals at a firestone for oil changes.

    This time, I found a $19.21 deal for their anniversary or something. Oil Change and rotatiion, Rotation is extra at firestone.
    So I will probably use them going forward. Although I only get my oil changed about once a year or so because I dont drive much. I noticed that Pep Boys always seems to run a decent oil change special, $21.99-23.99.

    To my surprise, they didnt try to upsell me on ANYTHING and that was refreshing. And they didnt charge me an oil disposal fee that firestone always trys to but I ask them to remove it and they do.

    As for the stock I sold, It had a cost basis of like $2.76 so why not cash out some at $13.49 ?

    I previously sold some at $15 (But not all) and then bought some back at $8.91 in june of last year when Dan was bashing them.

    Im hoping it goes over $15 again and maybe gets bought out at $17-18.00.

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