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  • CORALJOE CORALJOE Apr 23, 1998 4:28 PM Flag


    don't buy lottery buy pby, it will make you very happy stock holder. Inside info. Tells me, this stock on the way to be upgraded by well known broker. Hold firm, and enjoy thr ride.

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    • Rather than ride on a slow boat to China (pby), I would choose to get on a rocket like last monday (dis). Up over $6 in two days and a 3 for 1 split coming. Put your money where it will grow now, not later.

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      • I have been investing in stocks only for about a year. But I have learned that you either get in and out, or you hold 'em.
        PBY shows me all the signs of a long term good investmetn. Why don't those who want to jump around, get out, reduce the current price of PBY, so I can buy more. I am buying monthly, and have watched my long term investment average cost drop over the last few months. I am looking for retirement investment. Yes, i have a few stocks with higher dividends, now, and I drp those, too. But I feel that the more PBY I have today, will give me more in return in 5 to 10 years from now.
        We can all do the lottery or vegas or Indian reservations, or we can just watch PBY and a few others slowly grow now, letting us buy a lot, and provide me a long term good return. I don't get dividends on stocks being purchased at their high, just their low.
        I like the changes PBy is doing. Their long term comittment to National Advertising, diversity within their own niche, with roll out, etc. Yes, I remember my dad taking me to pep boys when I was a kid. And, yes the local store is always busy. They are posed to take off and provide us better long term returns.
        Everything I see says, good investment.
        thanks for listening