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  • CORALJOE CORALJOE May 27, 1998 4:04 PM Flag

    DEAR PBY...

    are you ready to take off.........we should see an upgrade in the next two weeks.

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    • I must agree with autoskeptic. You are in a very
      bad situation that many of us have had to deal with
      in the past. This is a prime example of the
      challenges facing PBY stores. Little to no help or
      leadership from above. This is not just a PBY problem it is
      a retail problem. The difference between your
      company and those that are enjoying success is your upper
      managements ability ( or inability ) to keep your teams happy
      under adverse conditions.
      I live in the southeast
      and have watched PBY build brand new huge stores
      staffed as full as possible. But the bays are 1/2 empty
      and the team is standing around with nobody to wait
      You are working for a company without direction or a
      plan to snap out of this other than closing locations
      and terminating new growth.

    • you are obviously a "understaffed, overworked,
      and underpaid" Pep Boy employee who proudly displays
      your G.E.D. certificate on your wall. Your choice of
      words leaves a lot to be desired. Go back to work and
      get busy, there are customers waiting to buy parts,
      and they are getting PO'd having to wait so long.

    • Unless our mascots Larry Curley and Moe will be there.

      This stock is sooooooooo cheap.

      What is the market trying to tell you?

    • if you think that the stock price has anything to
      do with to store management, you fuckin" dick, try
      running the store understaffed, overworked and underpaid.
      Maybe you can generate a higher stock price with the
      customers that come in with the '72 ford and pay $100.00
      for a tune up and expect it to be painted, waxed,
      washed and running like it came out of the showroom.
      Please offer any assistance; we would love to hear from
      you, you fuckin' dick!!!!

    • What is management going to do to stop the fall in PBY stock price? A large share repurchase would be fine by me.

    • Look at autozone - there stock is gradually
      rising while this stock is falling ....
      maybe one day
      we will be able to break even - how can the
      directors of this company continue to put up with
      lackluster performance. I have believed that this company
      would turn it around before long. This stock was
      trading in the 30's in January 1995 - the P/E is higher
      today than it was in January 1995 - As for a takeover,
      the company made a decision several months ago to
      take some kind of action to prevent some one from
      buying them out. Thanks to all of you for letting me cry
      on your shoulders.

    • Sorry Moto. That last one was from me storewanderer. I made up bowlingalleywanderer to put a post on the PIN board. (AMF)

    • I suggest you read the annual report. If the site
      is I could not get it to come up
      this morning. They must be updating it. Will try again
      later. I will comment on repair service at PBY..... the
      service bays are always almost full. The Reno store has
      around 8 bays, and usually only one of those bays is
      without a car. PBY mush give good repair service because
      a lot of people use them. After looking at chart, I
      would not buy this stock until it starts creeping up a
      little. But, to really decide, I would need to know how
      they choose sites for new stores. Hope this helps.
      Also comment on ABS board. Differs from this one.
      Disregard that one.

    • It just goes lower and lower. Why? Anyone??

    • Another day,another low. Is PBY stock priced low
      enough for another company to buy it out or is
      management going to issue a share repurchase to show us
      shareholders that this stock is under-priced? (Maybe it's not
      underpriced?) Who knows?

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