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  • Mr_Rocket_Scientist Mr_Rocket_Scientist Dec 24, 1998 9:24 AM Flag

    Borrow Money To Buy Back Stock ?? NO NO

    Prudent management uses earnings to buy back the
    company stock when it appears a better investment than
    investing the money into production or

    Borrowing money to buy back stock is an inprudent
    management trick to get a boost in earnings per share before
    the added interest costs start hitting the P&L

    In PepBoys case it also say that management is not
    smart enough to put money obtained by any means into
    profits generating ventures.

    To make even more
    money for the PBY shareholders, management should
    borrow even more money and invest the proceeds into
    uBid, eBay, Yahoo, and AOL stock. Then you will see
    some money made.

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    • when I saw all those Z's I remembered that My
      youngest son has a new black MB with a lic tag that reads
      "FOLTZZZZZZZ" So if you see him in the LA area or in the LA
      court system (an Ass't DA). you can say "there goes one
      of Bottles' sons".
      I take it, that you are saying
      that I'm asleep, maybe I am, but most of my portfolio
      is still making money & I look forward to another
      good year in 1999.
      I still state that I never heard
      of the Racer cartoon & my wife said she had never
      heard of it either.
      SO WHAT!

    • ZZZZZZ. That's all I have to say.


    • It's a "car"toon! Get it now?


    • the media continually that he is honestly trying
      to correct these kinds of scams that had prev been a
      loose practice by a lot of their serv mgrs. Like in my
      case when they were doing it to me the serv mgr kept
      repeating "I can do this legally, I can do this legally" &
      I kept saying, " It might be legal, but it is
      After many postings on this bd by me & some others,
      Philly (man in control of serv, I think his first name
      is Bruce -something} notified this DM to CORRECT my
      complaint, which he DID. NOW, I'm a RETURNED CUSTOMER!
      feel Calif should change a lot of their laws affecting
      Smog Testing on the books now, or face a rebellion by
      the general public in the near future. The Governor
      said he had to put these laws into effect to make sure
      the state would receive the Fed's millions that were
      about to be suspended. How flakey the politics can get
      was proven when our Gov gave us a small discount on
      our '99 lic reg fees & then they changed our smog
      testing from about $8.95 labor per test to what it is
      now, $45 labor plus the $8.25 cert Fee (state). I
      wonder if he thinks we car owners are all dummies, but
      he knew he was being voted out of office, anyhow. So
      here we go again, GETTING SHAFTED!

    • of one Chief store Mgr who is contracted already
      to be mgr of one of the AZO stores in Hemet. Whether
      she was good or bad had nothing to do with the AZO
      decision, even though I know that she is very
      I'll repeat what I've said before, AZO is very hungry
      for the Calif automotive business, & is apparently
      buying up any chains there that are for sale. I project
      that they are shopping for more of them.

      PS If
      it's not comic books, what is it? Or are you reluctant
      to disclose the meaning?

    • Anyone in business would love to hear their
      customer say something like that.

      Of course, how
      many (now) ex-PepBoys customers just walked away never
      to return after getting screwed over royally with
      the standard PepBoys smog cert scam??

    • No, Chief employees are not takeing them over. Besides, if Chief employees were so good, why are they now AZO?


      p.s. No it's not comic books.

    • is a PBY#0866 store invoice in the amount of
      $409.43 for A PS Gear & PS Pump, RE#0866-012514 for my
      Van. When a corp treats me right I in turn will give
      them a large share of my automotive parts & serv
      PBY corrected a wrong for me, & already they're
      collecting a payback from me. Be FAIR with me & you will be
      REWARDED with my business!

    • I heard that Chief Employees are taking over all the stores.
      Are they the LUCKY ONES?

    • You must be reading comic books, HUH!

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