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  • ricoletta ricoletta Jul 12, 1999 9:49 PM Flag


    My first PBY customer experience as submitted to
    PBY customer no service dept. on July

    >I made my first visit to a PEPBOYS today, Saturday
    July 3, 1999 at 5:30PM and I will NEVER RETURN. The
    parts counter service was impeccable and with the help
    of one of your employees I was able to locate an
    antenna ($6.99) for my 1997 Ford Taurus. I then selected
    additional car care products for a total bill of $35.00.
    Your one cashier was assisting a man who had been
    overcharged on his previous visit. The transaction of this
    other party became complicated and your cashier
    required the help of a manager, two managers came out of
    hiding and sorted out the transaction for the customer.
    Meanwhile a line had formed behind me due to this delay and
    much to my chagrin and utter disbelief your manager
    said to his assistant manager and cashier that he was
    leaving and in the event they needed his help they could
    page him. Then the assistant manager walked over to
    another POS station and instead of opening up to care for
    THE CUSTOMERS she began to do something else. Now the
    customer whose transaction caused the backlog is now just
    leaving and I asked the cashier why did the managers NOT
    open another checkout? She answered that they must of
    had others things to do. The customer behind me
    replied that there is nothing more important than
    CUSTOMERS are! I then asked her again why they were not
    caring for us and she continued to make excuses for the
    managers and argue with me. I completed my transaction
    after waiting 20 very long minutes in line and left
    never to return, but upon reaching my home I discovered
    that the cashier left MY NEW ANTENNA OUT OF THE BAG!
    NOW I AM HOME AND REALLY ANGRY! I will make certain I
    tell as many people as I can this story and example of
    PEPBOY'S deplorable customer service. I will also post
    this message on Yahoo's Message Board attached to your
    stock PBY so your investors may learn of this travesty.
    The store I visited is on 6041 South State Street in
    Murray, Utah 84107, telephone

    Below is the PBY response.

    >Thank you for
    visiting our Website. I apologize for the delay in sending
    this message. Yesterday after reviewing your e-mail, I
    forwarded your communication to the General Store Manager
    for investigation and resolution. If you have do not
    receive a phone call from the manager by the end of today
    please let me know.

    Thank you,
    Pep Boys Customer Relations

    I have not received a call from anyone and have
    sent two more messages to Becky Rowe regarding this
    ARE NOT!

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    • This is a case of apples and oranges. That person
      was no customer, but a thief pure and simple. How
      could he/she ever qualify as a customer when he/she
      never intended to buy anything? The son-of-a-bitch
      should have been prosecuted. I am aware that customers
      sometimes are rude also, and very unreasonable, but they
      are the reason for your job, and these type
      situations, such as being unreasonable, etc are factored into
      the business on startup. A wise business will make
      every attempt to unruffle thier feathers and satisfy
      them. Employees should not take these incidents as a
      personal affront, but something they are being paid to
      correct if at all possible. It's good for business!

    • You know just because some one had a bad
      experience, they want to badger the entire cooperation. Isn't
      it amazing. I can't think of any company that can
      say they never had a dissatisfaied customer. I can
      tell you that every store has different employees,
      that handle sistuations differently, even depending on
      their mood. Who knows, maybe a cashier called out, or
      the delivery truck got there late. Maybe the found
      out the have to remerchandise an entire isle or even
      invertory a complete line of parts. Things happen every
      day, every minute in the stores that can cause a
      customer to have a bad or hopefully good expereince
      shopping there. I myself shopped at a company that I was
      extremely disatisfied with, I went to another location, and
      they have made me a "customer for life". So just
      becuase 1 or 2 people didn't totally satisfy you, you
      can't blame the entire cooperation. Apperently there
      are customers that are happy with the services that
      Pep offers and do keep coming back.

    • A brand new ID with a negative message. I do not
      know what has brought out the idiots to this board in
      the last few days. The moon is not full. But every so
      often, here they come. The stock is performing
      reasonably well, analysts ratings are good, last quarter
      earnings were good (finally!), and in the end, that is all
      that matters. Some nitwit with a computer and an axe
      to grind with Peps is not going to impact things
      anyway. But if you do not like the company, why go there
      (or here)?

    • These message boards's all people need a life!

    • I have been in management retail for over 10
      years, I have seen all kinds of customers come in and
      out. I tried to help every one equally, but you can't
      because they all want different needs. No lie, I actually
      caught I guy who stole the wrong parts, and not only did
      he want a refund for the stolen parts, ne also
      wanted the correct parts for free. Now I ask you is the
      customer ALWAYS right? Are you saying that I should have
      given this guy money back for stolen parts, and given
      him the right parts for free?

    • philly_girls_big_1969_bottom philly_girls_big_1969_bottom Jul 15, 1999 4:16 AM Flag

      The stories go on and on.


      No merchandise stories.

      Wet backs that don't
      speak the language managing the store

      High school kids learning the business while working
      as mechanics stories.

      Everyones a manager of
      some sort at the stores stories.

      being paid out of future earnings

      Borrowing money to buy back the stock stories.

      Mustang parts sold at the stores stories.

      dropping to eight stories.

      Becky Rowe promising to
      call back stories.

    • Public relations are very important. I was in the
      San Jose store( Stevens Creek) two days ago. Both
      myself and a friend. I drove both of us probanbly 10
      miles each way looking for the "GOODS". Guess
      Both of us left (as well as, the three other people)
      without a bag in our hand. This is not poor
      employee/customer relation, it is lack of inventory.
      I was not
      foolish. I bought at ~$20/. Hope that someone besides the
      coustomer realises that there is a problem.

    • <EOM>

    • because everyone knows it to be false. Be it an attempt to make yourself look great, or to make others look bad, it's all trash.

    • and yours is to bash this company...I am going to
      leave this board for a few weeks until all of you
      losers (AZO faithfull) have departed and then I will
      return once you are gone. Go PBY! I will count my $$$
      while you watch yours shrink.

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