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  • eric2855 eric2855 Oct 28, 1999 4:30 AM Flag

    anyone can post and say anything

    sure cars break and go to the great junk yard in
    the sky .If my situation was close to that , I would
    not fight this.The sadder fact is I was literally
    appalled by their attitude and the way they tried to hide
    from blame..The zoning manager was not around when the
    first two axles needed replacing and the original
    manager told the service manager 'why was the car
    shaking'when they both test drove my car.This zoning manager
    was around however to tell me the need for the third
    axle had nothing to do with their work. If this is how
    management deals with legitimate complaints then this is not
    ethical or right or promising for future business.The
    store sells allot of parts and probably does a good job
    doing that ..However all my friends know not to take
    their car there for repair.I ask anyone is this the way
    you would want to be treated as a customer?

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    • If you truly believe you were wronged, and have
      exhausted all means of retribution through the company,
      then have you thought of small claims court. It costs
      a nominal sum. You don't have to have a lawyer, and
      for the most part it is a relatively informal

      Have your facts, dates, work orders, etc. when you
      appear, state your case, bring any witnesses you might

      Even if you lose, you will have the satisfaction of
      having a representative take time off from work to
      appear, and that will cost them money, and maybe you will
      then feel better. Who knows, when they get the
      summons, maybe then they will believe you mean bussines
      and decide to settle.

    • I did fax twice to two different people including
      ceo,and called to speak to the vice president you
      referred to.It was kind of late but I have no reservations
      to tell you I don't have a good feeling about this.
      No call backs no responses.I may or may not be
      back.It is good I can come here and write out about what
      happened cause only I know what ma...leave it at that. I
      now have the thread to show how things
      You know in society we often use to live our life
      by being critical to each other and now we know
      differently .Bylow is a cool guy ,wish I had a friend like
      that growing up, and all I know is everyone in this
      company I have talked to acts and believes well negative
      so I have no illusions things will change.Sometimes
      you can do more for being positive and seeing the
      truth and goodness in people , better then hiding lies
      , fears and intimidation.I am afraid to say this
      but I think you are invested in a company that deals
      with people this way.However I will deal with the
      facts.I laid out what happened.Forget the characters and
      and my pop psychology and lets deal with the facts
      and you will see this was a terrible ordeal to go
      through.Do you really want to invest in or even buy from a
      company like this? I fear about what this company is
      capable of spending energy doing..really do. I hesitated
      for one moment to believe that Philly Girl was
      correct, I now no longer think they have that decent
      thread that transpires goals and futures. Good luck to
      all who stay around here.

    • you can put up a page explaining what has happend
      to you and then get linked up to one of the many
      free guest book servers for people to post thier
      messages to. The guest book is offsite of your web page
      and therefor not a violation of most use agreements.
      After you get setup, just go and enter your url into
      the numerous search engins so people can find your
      site. Go for it dude.


    • Does anyone have anything to say about the STOCK?
      When will earnings be released? PBY's 3rd quarter
      closes this weekend. Any ideas about the outlook? Glad
      to see it out of the 11's! Any predictions from
      rational parties (not you, Martha) about where it could

    • I have stated this before, I am in not in any way
      a representative of this company. Now, if I really
      wanted Eric off of this board and I worked for this
      company, I would be on the phone with him right now trying
      to solve the problem right now.

      As I have
      stated before, I do work in a retail environment and
      have worked in Customer Service in the past.

    • do what phillygirl said in her message "what to
      do". I believe she is an employee who monitors this
      board. She wants to get people like you off this board
      as son as possible. I think this is a start....keep
      your compaining up and PBY should come

      Good luck

    • Thankyou so much for your advice.There are good people even on this board. I was kicked so low here, it was very depressing but I assure you, will trod on.

    • Eric, not very good advice, unless you are paying
      for the Internet page. Many sites involving customer
      service issues have popped up, only to shut down a few
      weeks later. One of the reason is that they webpages
      were set up on a free internet site, which is 99.9% of
      the time against their terms of service. Therefore,
      you will have to pay to keep up that internet site...
      now this, imo, is a waste of your money.

    • There are over 30,000 PBY employees, not all of
      them have the same attitude towards customer service
      as the employees that you ran into. Eric, both you
      and I are from this area (and I am not making any
      excuses for these managers), you know "city" people. That
      store probably has a dozen scam artists in their store
      a day trying to get one over on the company.
      Besides the scam artist, there is the "Philly" attitude
      to contend with, remember this is the town that
      booed Santa Claus! :-) The managers are extremely burnt
      out. I am not making excuses for them, just an insight
      to what the issues are. IMO, Managers should be
      rotated in and out of a customer service position every 6

    • A couple of years ago, there was a young college
      student in California that took her car to Pep for work.
      They did the work, may have botched it, I don't
      remember. However, they failed to close her hood properly
      and it flew open on the interstate causing a wreck.
      She got po'd at PBY and the result was a
      confrontation such as you have experienced. She put up a web
      site where people could post complaints about PBY
      service. Got their attention real good. They threatened
      lawsuits, made promises, etc. Eventually the site went
      away. I guess she was satisfied with whatever
      settlement she got.

      That is the wonderful thing
      about the internet. You can be heard by millions of
      people, and don't let anyone tell you it is not

      Good luck.


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