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  • aboudi30 aboudi30 Oct 30, 1999 3:51 PM Flag

    Monday is judgment day.

    Where PBY will honored or dumped, let's keep our head low, for those who were in it for a while, wishing you the best of good investing.

    We are praying for you PBY,

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    • You sir are a refletion of this group , thats all
      I can say.I did not hear squat,I never mentioned
      that when I took my car in. Why don't you give me your
      email and what store (has to be some store!) you work
      at and I will fax you the original work order.See if
      you saw any complaint for noise, sir.You better have
      a better excuse for the reason you are a store
      manager because thinking doesn't cut it.I took in my car
      for inspection.I contemplated not paying for the boot
      as they told me it would not affect the
      inspection.It was a small tear.There was no noise.But I took
      their word for it and had the axle replaced ONLY
      because I listened to their advice.Had I known they would
      do whatever to make the car shake (of course not
      intentional but it did no less) and needed another axle and
      still it would shake, I would not have had it done.Now
      I am willing to bet that this guy so called sanshoe
      makes this up because this is the ONLY thing they can
      think up that will make whatever case they have sounds
      legit.It took this long to make that up.In addition and I
      repeat this..I will take a lie detector test and put up
      5,000 dollars if whichever shmoe who told you this
      decides to take the test and proves right.Knowing that
      you won't do that,or he won't do it, I would just
      suppose you sir, have a good religion you depend on,
      cause you sure reflect the worst in suppositions .This
      company is unbelievable.I will fax anyone with original
      workorder.If you see customer complains of noise then you can
      say this creep is right.

    • This will be my last post involving the
      of eric's supposed pristine Horizon. I can
      assume (since eric has been totally incompetent
      give us all the facts) that this is how it
      down.(remember I have been there) He brought in this totally
      perfect(except for one
      problem) Horizon. The boot on the CV
      was torn,
      let's see....why would he know this?
      Most likely the thing was making noise so loud
      turning it was drowning out the booming base of
      stereo! So we recommend an axle, why? If you figure the
      cost of replacing one joint and
      the labor, you are
      better off replacing the
      whole axle on that side.
      Part costs alittle
      more but labor alot less and now
      you have two
      new joints and boots. Did the mech
      know that
      the axle had a problem (probably not)
      that have been picked up during a test drive
      the repair (probably so and an issue I
      would want
      to talk to mech about when car came
      back) sorry
      eric. The fact that the car came
      back in 10 months
      and went from 49,000 to 65,000 miles could be or
      could not be on the
      boys. More than likely the motor
      mounts were
      bad causing the car to eat axles....A
      known fact now but not neccessarily then!(heck
      manufacturer was hardly aware then, how
      could we be...we
      didn't make the thing?) So you
      can see how Pep can be
      right and the customer
      can be right and the party
      really responsible
      gets no blame at all. We give a
      warranty on
      all we do; it is pretty cut and dried, if
      fails under warranty we pay and if it is out
      warranty you pay. The reason for this is
      obvious, we have no control over how you drive
      your car
      and how the manufacturer sets it up to
      fail! You
      do not know how many times I have
      followed behind
      someone with one foot on the
      gas pedal and the other
      on the brakes, hoping
      they didn't get those
      brakes replaced at my
      store! Or the driver who hits
      speed bumps at
      30 mph and wonders why the shocks
      keep going
      bad. Please if you are going to bad
      mouth a
      company....give all sides the benefit of

    • The stores are very very busy.However the same
      stores that were always busy seem to be just as
      busy.However the repair and service department attracts
      immigrants for some strange reason.I don't think that part
      is increasing.Its not decreasing, but not increasing
      in my opinion. If they cut costs , they will improve
      on the bottom line.I am willing to bet on good
      numbers plus inside buying spell some upside.Remember I
      said this because thats how busy some stores seem to
      be to me.

    • ... the current fundamentals, you have less than 50/50 chance of bening right.... I see them dropping to the single digits before 2000.

    • Care to guess where the stock will go in immediate future?My estimation is higher but how high I don't know.

    • I belive a few years back Sears was either sued
      or the federal govererment was looking into how
      mechanics were paid by various companies. Pep Boys was
      cleared of any wrong doing. Their is an old adage in
      advertising that goes something like this "nothing will kill
      a bad product faster than good advertising". If Pep
      Boys was as bad as you indicate than their bad
      practices would surely be known by now to most people who
      get their cars repaired.

    • I ran a store for quite a few years and I feel the same way. I think we will see the stock price rise by the time the employees stock option price is set. It seems to work that way every year.

    • I run a service center, and have many customers who say our service is excellent. We have many repeat customers, and are profitable. I see now as a stock buying opportunity.

    • You will see this stock going up.

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