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  • freezemotion freezemotion Nov 16, 1999 12:01 AM Flag


    In looking at PBY versus AZO, PBY is appealing.
    Current PE of around 10 vs. 14 for AZO, Price/Book of
    0.79 vs. 3 for AZO (and that's tangible

    There are no PBY stores in my area which is the reason
    for my questions. I get the impression that PBY does
    servicing. How extensive is their services? Their problems
    seem to stem from the do-it-yourself business which
    AZO almost totally relies on. If the do-it-yourself
    business is in trouble, it would appear that PBY is in a
    much better position than AZO which is now selling at
    a premium to PBY. Any thoughts? What have I missed?

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    • You have got to be either (1) pulling our leg or
      (2) the dumbest shithead ever to hit this board. Haul
      that piece of shit up to the PBY parking lot, put a
      sign on it and sell chances for the crowd to puverize
      it. You'll probably make more than if you had it
      repaired. In any event I no longer have any empathy for

    • 1. Do you REALLY think someone could be deported
      back to Puerto Rico? It would be the same as trying to
      deport someone from Michigan to Indiana! Do you realize
      that Puerto Rico is a United States Territory? There
      are no green cards involved........get real

      2. Even if deportation were an option, do you think
      someone could be deported for embarrassing you? Again,
      GET REAL MAN !!!!!!!!

    • who wrote that 666 on your right front

      Post his name, which store in detail he is at, and the
      telephone number where we can get ahold of him.

      in fact he is from PR and has caused you this
      embarassment then there may be a way to have him deported back
      to his homeland --- green card or

      Bear with this request -- you do have friends in your
      quest for that which is rightful treatment as a PepBoys

    • but when people can't seem to get the point and
      go on and on about how bad the car is, and about me,
      and I have no car, its irritating. I will do what you
      requested.Please pardon my momentary lapses.I know I will hear it
      about that too. Thanks for your suggestion and realize
      its not easy when your long here to have to listen to

    • seeing as you wont shut and have taken knowones
      advice to this point. Take your complaint to the people
      that visit that store (picket), call the better
      business burea. This board if full of people who want or
      need this stock to turn around. We all understand
      (over & over &over) that you got ripped off. But
      enough! If you are serious and not just bullshitting
      everyone, Do the following :
      #1. Call the Store Manager
      for one more chance to make it right.
      #2. Call his
      boss. Title will be District or Regional
      #3. Call the Office (Vice presidnet of
      a. If you have done all of the above and do not
      feel it will do you any good again, then proceed to
      #4. Contact an attorney for some free counsel,a lot
      of attorneys will give you your options before you
      retain them.
      #5. Write a letter to your local
      #6. Contact the better business bureau
      #7. Take
      Pep Boys to small claims court
      #8. Make sure to
      copy the President of Pep Boys of all your letters to
      the various places you feel will help you.He may not
      want the negative exposure and choose to listen to you
      #9. STOP waisting everyones time on here. We want to
      talk about stock, company future, etc.

      I do
      beielve you did the right thing to post your complaint
      here. Some people responded and gave you good advice,(a
      lot of the mentioned above). But you keep coming back
      and posting "poor Eric stories". You have to help
      yourself now. Good luck and Stop telling us about your
      Horizion problems.

    • not intentional I assure you.

    • I don't care about that too much, to me they can
      .I do care about getting a message across. You see
      mrswonderer, I more or less pleaded my story before it evolved
      to this point.The utter lack of sensibility or
      cooperation is totally frustrating. In spite of my better
      half telling me not to post, my practical side says
      what a few car specialists told me: PROTEST. Sure this
      can happen to the best of companies but not what
      happened after.Never ever. So if practical people do
      nothing, how is change going to occur? Having said that I
      know posting here will probably have little effect.
      However never underestimate reasonable people trying to
      fight for a cause.I do mean reasonable.If my car was in
      disrepair when i brought it in ,or there were circumstances
      like accidents that occurred, or misunderstandings
      etc, i would understand. However there were no
      compromises, very little communication, and utter disrespect
      for my complaint. As you can now tell not many people
      have been able to contact them either, which makes my
      point clearer..Many will ask well what happened/ ? In
      reality not much, just in this internet world I hope
      someone tells one person who tells another and so on.

    • I apoligized if it wasn't you . However let me
      tell you that enc2855 also talks about his problem
      with his horizon, so if someone is mimicking you,
      please contact Yahoo and have them take care of this
      issue. I don't think is right if someone else is
      mimicking you. (See how close enc & eric look like on the
      Yahoo headlines) I again apologize for the
      misunderstanding and hope enc is reading this too.

    • Please explain what you mean.I never ever meant
      to offend anyone like that.People have mimicked my
      name here , please be sure it was my exact name and
      not one someone made up . Finally for shareholders
      why can't you make a difference.The stores in place
      have great potential.Their parts do a good
      business.Why is it that they don't respond to your legitimate
      concerns? Or mine for that matter?You don't think 3
      downgrades had more to do with this? Where else was I to go
      with this? i have not posted to other groups cause i
      thought limiting this to this board might have done
      something constructive to further the understanding. But if
      there is no understanding and total disregard for you
      or me, then whose fault it that?

    • I used to read your posts with interest and know
      I've come to see that you have a personal issue here.
      First you never mentioned anything about the accent of
      the technician, which leads me to believe that you
      heard someone talking about PR and decided to add
      something about it to your story so that you could keep
      posting here. Of course it is your perrogative to post
      here or not. I bet you have never been in PR and
      therefor at PRican PEP store. Otherwise you should have
      known that to go to and from PR and the USA, you do not
      need a passport. Wonder why? Because all PRican are
      AMERICAN CITIZENS. They do not need a green card to come
      to US. So it is a terrible thing to say that a bad
      mechanic had to be from PR because of the way they
      pronounc the R's. He could have had a speech disablity and
      your comment about this is very prejudiced. I know
      doubt your story because I can see it changes as people
      comment on other things and you decided to spice up your

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