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  • Mr_Goodwrench99 Mr_Goodwrench99 Nov 23, 1999 9:49 AM Flag

    so, Martha

    ly by the
    likes or is it licks, of Eric ----------busted ----go
    dream up a new story, this time when you mention shinny
    (sic) bumpers, make sure the car you are referring to
    actually did have bumpers, and not body colored plastic
    that would look the same whether somone shined them or

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    • Get the adapter. Unless you think you can afford
      to buy a new truck every three years. trucks are one
      of the few vehicles that actually have grease
      fittings on them, so use them. Too many people assume or
      convey that they are trading in or buying another
      vehicle and actually don't. If you let things go and then
      don't trade it you will have to pay for those repairs.
      Pay $9.95 now or hundreds later. The choice to me is

    • So you have moved up to comprehending multi
      syllable words now huh? I apologize for missing a letter
      in the spelling you see I do not spend over 3
      minutes on the average post and I do not proofread. I
      simply make my point and go on. Bye.

    • present managment.

      Why not make history by voting in cityslicker as the new ceo and chairman.

      I would like some feedback on my attempt to overthrow the chairman.

    • is an on comming train. Be cautious with this
      stock. The overhead and the decline in DIY is going to
      be the end of PBY. They need to stay in the service
      business and turn their show room into Firestones or lease
      it out or get out of the service business and go
      after the installer business. To think an Installer is
      going to be loyal to PepBoys when they are both
      competeing for the same customer,some has a screw loose at
      corp. Pep is good at service and that is where the
      industry is headed.

    • That a customer not only wishes to sue but wishes
      to tell everyone that dealing with Pep Boys was the
      worst experience he ever had with a company? Anyone
      notice that their reputation has gone down hill? Anyone
      notice that fewer staff might produce better bottom line
      also? Anyone notice that competition is starting to
      heat up? Anyone notice that more people are leasing
      cars? Anyone notice that management are hard to reach?
      Anyone notice 4 down grades? Finally anyone notice
      anything connected?

    • where can I buy a "Cadollac"?????? I can tell you never had any advanced education. You can't even spell.


    • Anyone noticed that PBY's Cash Generating
      Efficiency (CFFO/NP, CFFO/Sales, CFFO/AvgTotAssets) has been
      greatly increasing?
      Also, short interest (as reported
      in the WSJ) has decreased 30%+ last month. Let's
      hope that we have seen the stock price bottom.

    • That's a good tip. Thank you.

      Now, does
      anybody have a tip on how to rid this company of the
      sorry ass people supposedly running this company?

      There is absolutely no excuse for what is happening
      with this stock. A company should make money, or get
      out of business. I have had work done at PBY and was
      very satisfied. I see no problem with the rank and
      file - the officers, CEO seem to be the problem. Now,
      if the board will hold them accountable for a
      profitable company, then doing thier job will require
      performance or resignations. No more excuses!! get

    • use 1 of those plastic bags you get from a grocery store to cover the u-joint, starter, etc. very simple.

    • i still laugh when I think of the grease behind
      the ears--
      I more thought on the Tahoe,-- one of
      the structural component braces prevents greasing a
      fitting unless I go to PBY and purchase($9.95)a ?
      multi-angle adaptor to screw on the end of the grease
      I guess no one complains--they go to JiffyLube, and
      never know the difference if it is greased or not--just
      get rid of it after 3 years ??

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