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  • sanshoe_99 sanshoe_99 Jun 15, 2000 9:53 PM Flag

    reply to tycoonguy

    don't know anything about a new electronic
    inventory system (since we have that already) I have
    however seen a case of a special order being canceled by
    a vendor due to lack of payment. This had nothing
    to do with the company not having funds to pay, it
    had alot to do with the way in which they paid
    vendors. This has been fixed in every location as of last
    Jan. and will not have an effect with special order
    parts in the future. As I can attest to being part of
    the fix for the problem I can assure anyone who
    special orders a part from us, that the only reason the
    part will not come is due to backorder from the

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    • Perhaps I made the wrong assumption. Either way,
      it doesn't matter. Your concerns are being heard,
      there are people who care, and I for one will do what
      it takes to make the message heard up the line.

    • You will know me if I answer this but I will
      anyway. Mike Jester, mini-Tom Mc Sorley. Very tough and
      got his fate in the end! Craig Lee, how I remember
      the rookie store manager who went up, to the catalog
      dept. I believe you mean Mike McCallister, some one
      who's name I know but not the person. Rich Gingrich, I
      remember as a rookie third asst. a real long time
      ago.Sorry don't know the reference of the grimace, probably
      know the person though. Danny Carr, have known since
      he was a rookie too. Tom Mc Sorley, would rather
      reserve any comments in deference to Mike. I highly
      respect the son! Greg Russ a man I respect and sometimes
      miss to this day, he should not have gone to the glass
      house. Don't know the reference of Pork either, but also
      probably know the person. Rich Scheriff I have known for
      years and years, since back to his DOM days. You should
      also mention Vince Fabrizio, one who is truely missed
      every day and we should never have let him get away for
      the second time. Yes I know most of the names you
      mention and some of them I miss and some of them I would
      never work for again!!

    • does the name Mike Jester ring a bell? Craig Lee? Marl mccallister? Rich gingrich? The Grimmace? Danny Carr?Tom McSorley?Greg Russ?Pork?Richie Scherf?The list goes on

    • You are making an assumption that may or may not
      be true.... I do however like what you have to say
      and if you have the power to pass on our problems to
      those who can help, God bless you and God speed!!

    • The commercial section of our buisness is on
      Triad which is linked into the rest of our retail and
      service PIR systems. It is has been suspect by my staff
      for quite a few months how reliable this "link"
      really is. We believe we have found evidence of bulk
      sales in Triad not transferring over to PIR. This is
      shown in the system as shrink, as the system still says
      we have the product that was actually sold to a
      commercial customer. Depending on how that is dealt with
      will depend on it being shrink or written up to a
      system problem and accounted for on the books without
      hitting my store as a large inventory loss. I wish I had
      more pull in my position in life but I do not. Even
      though I have brought attention to all the system
      problems I have found over the years, I am still a peon
      store manager who does not have the system background
      that MIS does and can't possibly be more skilled than
      all the EX store managers working in that
      department.(the ones who could not effectively run a store and
      found a place working in an area that "some" of them
      are totally unskilled to work in)

    • What is wrong with guessing games?? Could be the spice of life and maybe you are getting warm???? Is it really important to know what store I work at, I work for PBY and we are all family aren't we?

    • I never would have guessed through all the time
      reading that Sanshoe was... SOMEONE I ACTUALLY

      Regardless, the message is heard loud and clear. And I may
      not have top-ranking clout, but I'll do what it takes
      to make sure I'm not the only one hearing it. Isn't
      that what it's all about?

    • Who is the store manager for store number 64? She
      is a little outspoken, and assumes a little too
      much, but she is reporting some serious problems you
      and a few other people need to address with the
      stores in general. I hope you don't run from this
      Sanshoe and I hope help listens and has some power to
      make some much needed changes. My personal number one
      complaint when visiting a store is customer service. There
      has to be some sort of an incentive program put into
      place to get the floor help and mechanics to really
      care about selling the correct products to the
      customers. I understand there are a few exceptions but my
      general impression is customer service stinks and the
      service dept needs work too....

    • ive been in this industry for 27 years, and triad
      is the worst system that has ever existed. they
      merged with cci a couple of years ago and ruined that
      company as well. they sell their systems by not telling
      the customer everything necessary. inventory control
      is a joke with triad and if pep is on triad, they
      have an inventory problem. for a long time triad was
      all that was available for a larger operation. now
      with mcdonald and cr computing and others like them.
      there is hope. if pep would lookat the options. a large
      truck supplier on the east coast changed to the bigger
      version of cr computing and in 6 months dropped their
      inventory by $535,000! if you have any input in pep, get
      them away from triad.

    • Okay, okay, if I must play a guessing game, I will. But I don't like it!!! Judging from some past comments you've made, I'd say you're at one of the following: 64, 374 or 343.

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