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  • erbear2345 erbear2345 Aug 2, 2000 9:53 PM Flag

    re: bad service

    I took my car to a pep boys after it overheated
    on the side of the road. I found a leaky hose and
    asked pep boys to replace it so that I could check to
    see if the temperature stil rose. When I got my car
    back, it started okay and the temp. guage was reading,
    The next day, I drove my car to work and on
    the way home, it "popped" and died in the middle of
    the road, nearly causing an accident. I was able to
    pull it to the side of the road and had it towed to a
    different mechanic. I did not want to take it to Pep Boys
    This mechanic diagnosed that my car had
    overheated but I had no indication of that because, get
    this, Pep Boys unplugged the wire to my temperature
    sensor guage, and "forgot" to put it back. So I had a
    dead radiator and a damaged engine all because of Pep
    Boys. And the worst part is that they won't even take
    responsibility for their neglegence. They've changed their story
    so many times, now I don't even know what they are
    coming up with.
    Now I have my lawyers involved and
    the CA B.A.R. I am curious as to how many people have
    had bad expereinces as well.

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    • Excellent message pin-pointing the foibles of
      this Board. Unfortunately, you won't change it with
      your message anymore than the technobabble will
      satisfy the occasional dis-gruntled customer who posts
      here. The reality is that these kinds of posts will
      always be found here. If you don't like them, then don't
      read them. After a while you can easily and quickly
      discern which posts here are to be eliminated. Some
      people can't get through to "Car Talk" with a call, so
      that they will post here instead. As for serious
      appraisals of the stock, you won't find that here very
      often. Most of the posts attempting it express more the
      ignorance of the poster concerning Economic ideas than any
      other thing.

    • Luv ya, Dork!

    • i understand now you have no idea what it takes
      to run one of those companies, and you deal in penny
      stocks and day trading. you are what we refer to as a
      bottom feeder, the scum suckers of the world.

    • You spelled wrench with a "W". C'mon, confess
      now, you used "spell check", didn't you?

      It was
      ronstac who was the unhappy consumer with the brake job,
      not me. I was simply the person than opined that your
      conducting automotive diagnosis over the internet was,
      first, stupid and, second, counter to the intended
      purpose of an investment-oriented board. But, then again,
      that was probably many, many beers ago for you

      ...just continue to enjoy life as a dork and never
      forget, you are living proof of why Western Auto tanked!

    • if you do not care that the screw up was YOUR
      fault, then dont bitch and moan when the problem wasnt
      fixed. do it yourself next time if you could figure out
      which end of the wrench to hold you asshole.

    • Traveleight, this is already being done. Our tire
      buyer is on it and inventory control is right behind
      him punching buttons to increase our stock... One
      only hopes that our supplier can keep up the chain!!
      We will gladly help any Ford owner who has been
      turned away from their dealer due to lack of inventory
      with replacing their tires. They can keep their old
      tires and take up the reimbursement issue with Ford or
      Firestone. As you have seen, the costs to do this will fall
      into the range of reimbursement and the customer will
      have the peace of mind of having the things off their

    • Although we don't offer free monthly air check,
      we do offer a free 5,000 mile rotation and balance
      service with every set of tires we sell. This allows the
      customer to get more mileage out of their tires and alerts
      to any potential problem you may have that shows up
      as excessive tire wear to the trained eye. As for
      Goodyear GT tires, they came stock on my Ford but I just
      could not justify putting the really expensive things
      on again when it came time for tires. I have instead
      the HPZ tires we stock and got a "Z" rated tire for
      well below the "V" rated Goodyear price. They are
      performing well so far and I am really glad I put them on my

    • and put back the drain plug for oil. Believe me those are the little things that count.

    • That is good news, and you guys should make hay
      with the windfall, although I do regret the Ford
      owners that have personally suffered losses in the

      I would bet that the publicity fallout from this
      entire affair will sink the dealer-based tire program
      which Ford launched through its dealerships. My
      recollection is that about a third of their locations were
      pushing the deal.If so, and assuming that you could
      locate which ones were stocking tires, it would make
      sense to beef up inventory in ALL Ford sizes since it
      would seem a safe bet that defections from both Ford
      and Firestone should "shuffle" the entire category
      from the demand side.

    • The suitable tight truck tires are $69,$79 or $89
      each. The voucher includes reimbursement for balancing
      and other peripherals.
      4 tires @$69==$276,
      balancing $8.99 lifetimex4=$35.96, road hazard insurance
      $5.00 per tire= $20.00, Valve stems $2.00x4=$8.00 and
      finally disposal of your old tires which I would assume
      no noe with the recalled tires wants is $1 each. The
      total package without disposal is $340 for the $69
      dollar tire,$380/$79,$420/$89. So you see the tires are
      not much off the mark as far as the voucher goes. The
      thing I find so amazing is the number of cheap bastards
      that bring their trucks and vans in and have the 4/$99
      tires installed which is totally inappropriate for
      these vehicles.
      We've been selling a lot of the
      replacement tires this past week but I don't think we are
      sold out yet. If we don't get replenished from the
      warehouse soon it won't be long.

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