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  • techshorter techshorter Nov 15, 2000 11:54 AM Flag

    CBS market watch way off base

    The article saying that PBY was way off the mark
    on earnings estimates by CBS MarketWatch is a
    joke.....PBY already indicated 2 weeks before earnings they
    were going to experience a one time charge of $96
    million in order to implement its cost enhancement
    program...The real kicker is.....sales actually increased by
    2.7% with 38 store closings included. The net loss was
    $63 million which indicates that operating earnings
    were a robust $33 million or 66 cents per share vs
    last years 10 cents a share.The stock is ready to fly.

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    • Sir.....the net loss was 5 million.the original
      estimate was 60 million in a one time charge.They declared
      98 million,stating that they uncovered additional
      expenses due to the restructure. There were no earnings
      for the third quarter.Do the math(the difference is
      the 33 million that you speak of,the 5 million was a
      direct cash outlay for expenses related to the store

    • See message 8520 where I responded to your
      idiotic "analysis" before. 66 cents/share earnings at
      this point in time? You're on drugs, buddy (maybe
      techshorter is the one doing the flying).
      Now, I'm no
      financial wizard, but I took the 63m loss, then went back
      and added the 96m write-off and came up with about
      33m earnings before the write-off. Divide that by
      market cap of 233m shares and I came up with a
      guesstimate of 14 cents a share had they not decided that
      1500 of us were expendable. Now 14 cents/share isn't
      great, but it would have beat Wall Street estimates of
      10 cents/share, and is a damn sight more palatable
      than a $1.24 loss.

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      • Mucho idiotas aqui.
        It's supposed to mean

        Too many idiots are here
        Or as I say,
        many fuckin jackass' here.
        I more or
        less came up with the same ####
        and that's the
        reason I bought more today.
        We're at an all time low.
        How the hell can
        you go wrong buying the stock.
        If they sell
        all their properties (buildings) and
        in the stores you would come up with $8 a shr.

        As soon as I see EX-EMPLOYEES long story about the
        shit going on at stores I hit "NEXT"
        The time to
        buy PBY is NOW NOW NOW

    • Sales increased 2.7% with 38 stores closing?

      The stores were closed the last day of the quarter. Think

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