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  • tressimer tressimer Mar 9, 2001 1:37 PM Flag

    ok, what gives?

    there has got to be something to this...

    I've been kicking myself since last may - had a sell in at 7 1/2 when it was rebounding. It got to 7 7/16 that same day, then dropped back down to 4 in a matter of weeks... Maybe I'll be glad it didn't sell?

    I can't believe it's up this much when the market is tanking. Any clues?

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    • I also think tc200 is good stuff especially the doubt when you buy you have to use your oun judgement and wisdom also.

      i want to know if anybody is buying anything else also from tc200 or otherwise please advise.

      as far pby is concerned this company is going in the right direction at this time, but should also keep our eyes open. We should look to make good money on pby..god willing.

      good luck to all

    • <<I have been using TC-2000 for three years now and can't remember the wrong companies ever being pulled up.They seem to be a straight shooter company with great stock insight>>

      I am also a multiyear user of TC2000, and I would mostly agree with what you say above. However, like everyone else, they sometimes make miscalls -- as they frequently and honestly admit. They strongly recommended PBY in May of last year, and that turned out to be a bad call. Of course, that was just at the time when Mr Greenspan's recession took hold, reversing everyone's expectations. This time, I think they have it right, and I've put my money on it. Time will tell.

      Loy Knapp

    • Speculation on earnings. Should be released next week.