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  • bribeavis bribeavis Nov 14, 2007 6:46 PM Flag

    Heelys Patents

    You may be right, but how confident are you? As I've stated before, I can handle this stock going to zero, and loosing everything I've invested. I had the same attitude when I bought HANS at .50 cents and rode it to $49. Don't believe me?... Go search the HANS msg. board. The shorts were sure Monster was a fad. The bottom line is that the most a long term investor can loose is all his or her money, but there's no such safety net when shorting.
    So you gotta ask yourself, do you feel lucky punk?

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    • Correct. The is a limit in how much you can loss when you long a stock that is zero. however there is no limit when you short. but you have a limit of earning. generally stock market goes up 7~10% every yr. everything works against shorting. still feel luck? punk shorts

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      • They have $125 mil in cash and a $180 mil market cap. They will get more millions from this patent suit. They will make a buck a share a year with this level of sales. What should the multiple be? The guys running this company are sharp. I've listened to 2 conf calls. The growth rate leveled off and there is an inventory bubble to work off right now. But that's coming in line and is the reason the last 2 quarters have sucked. You makes your trades and takes your chances. I think we have to be near the bottom right now.

    • I never said I was short the stock. If I were to bet against HLYS I would buy puts.

      "the most a long term investor can loose is all his or her money"- OK, not too bad of a proposition. All that happens is I'm broke if I buy HLYS.

      This is not a shoe company, it's a toy company. You will realize that by about March 2008. If you want to buy it all the way to $0.00, have fun.