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  • Mktplyr517 Mktplyr517 Jul 7, 2006 10:50 AM Flag

    Anteon smart card deal

    After a few calls and some research the ID cards in question have nothing to do with DLs.
    The means of confirming a biometric match is via a chip.

    There is no, I repeat no bar code or mag strip on the card that contains biometrics. The reason being that they can be too easily tamperded with and can be altered. They are not considered secure.

    In all my research of IDN and the questionable patents, I have not seen that IDN has any claim to receive license royalty from other companies patented IP.

    Any comment from the galley on NYS new under 21 DLs? These licenses have been mailed to all NYS drivers under 21. I understand the bill that created them included a provision that they be readable by generic readers.This new format will be distributed to all drivers over the next 8 year renewal cycle. BTW no reader is necessary to instantly see that the presenter of the ID is inder 21. Of note is that the new DLs contain a few new quirks in the 2-D barcode that you couldn't possibly claim patent rights over!

    whats up with that?

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    • you miss the point, ANT is using the software to verif dl as they are presented for credentialing, sell the stock if you want, your opinion is valid but you have missed the opportunity.Any biometric that is created has to have some fundamental foundation to start with, you can scan all the fingerprints and eyes you want and give an id to those people, who are they to start with, who to say anyone can be Mr X, ou have to have some proof to start and since the govt is involved with everyones IDN from the time they are born, (birth Cert) then the DL, anything that flows off it will be based on the DL, the govt is saying it with several measures using electronic means.

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