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  • reasonableman49 reasonableman49 Jun 30, 2010 12:04 AM Flag

    Next Step?

    Looks like lots of high hopes and profit taking for the past two days. Most of us have seen this before.
    What's down the road?

    To me, this has some similarities with the underwear bomber stock spike, but with some significant differences. In the defense industry (other industries also) there are three major questions leading to a contract:

    1. Is there a need
    2. Is there a budget to buy the product
    3. Is there a "champion" with the standing necessary to support the project

    With the underwear bomber, I think the need was understood but the budget and champion were either unknown or just plain not there. The current situation seems to be different.

    I haven't heard anyone argue against the need to check airline passengers against suspect lists such as no-fly, criminal warrants and Interpol. I think there are some added benefits to checking multiple lists as well. Sex offender lists are available and I believe strongly that a child sex offender who is legally restricted from being near children should not be sitting next to my grandchildren on an airplane. Maybe the IDN system can help with that type of identification situation.

    Sen Schumer stated that the Department of Homeland Defense has $50 Million for implementing this type of technology. The budget has been approved and the money is there. This is not an "earmark" set-aside in the congressional budget. This is a real budget line item for fighting terrorism.

    Now that Sen Schumer (the "champion") has announced the availability of funds and the intent to begin testing such systems, I don't see this coming to a halt. I expect to see the system tested at an airport somewhere in Sen Schumer's state. The system will either perform or fail. Given that it is already installed and working at a large number (not sure of the exact number) of government installations, I assume it will continue to work. I also assume the government will give additional money to IDN to modify the system to include new, restricted lists that IDN currently does not access. If the system is a success, I expect to see it implemented nation-wide at airports and probably at other places where identification of individuals is important, such as seaports and rail stations.

    That's my take. I could be wrong. Wouldn't be the first time, and probably not the last.

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    • Schumers opponent in November will make him look like a pump & dump participant

    • Well said. This product will end up in our airports. Instead of holders being upset that it didn't hold the gain, they should be happy and adding to their position. This is one of the great opportunities for investors to pick something up at bargain basement prices and it will pay off very well. This is how you make real money in the markets, not buy buying something like Google or Apple after its gone way up and the financial media starts touting it. People need to be building up a position in this stock right here and then just sit back with a bit of patience and wait for their payoff. This stock will end up making people a lot of money. Aside from having a great product that is needed, this company is very sound fundamentally.

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