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  • bonefishinfool bonefishinfool Feb 15, 2011 10:41 AM Flag

    IDN insider sellin.....

    Get in at 1.35, sell at ( 1.5-1.7) ...the stock sticking this company is in provides a great opportunity to just keep trading...
    Make 10-15%,get out, get back in the next day.

    Here's a post from a few months ago:

    There is one way to be sure this CEO is talking nonsense...his lips are moving...My best recommendation is buy at 1.4, sell at 1.8, over and over. There are no earnings, there is no growth, it's all manipulation.

    There are many fundamental problems here, One, the 9 offiers and directors own 48% of the stock , so its price can be easily
    manipulated. Lopsided ownership. Typical micro cap.

    There is too much in house palm padding with cash...Based on their most recent report:
    "The company had net income of $109,803 and paid a total of $20,000 in bonuses under the plan. What ? Are you kidding me , 100k in one quarter and your passing out bonuses?

    The salaries for this company are also off the chart, this company should have never gone public. Based on their current earnings, there is no way they can sustain even their current salaries.

    From latest report:
    The Chief executive officer and director( his wife) also recieve $75,000 in rent( from their own company) to their own patsy company called Eagle Coast LLC.. So Mobilisa and it's investors keep feeding these people outrageous distributions. The ficticious numbers game goes on and on, that's why this company is not growing, they are skimming all most of the profit. Greed.

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