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  • colorado_dude4u colorado_dude4u Oct 6, 2008 2:56 PM Flag

    Notice how pumpers like irishgirl are silent

    LOL - she isn't even Irish btw...

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    • Not a peep from her - now where did she go (answer: away to pump another failing stock)....ludicrous...

    • Irishgirl is not a pumper. Pumpers post things such as "it's gonna close above $25 today," or "shorts are gonna get killed." She has consistently posted facts, not predicted on a day to day basis what the stock price would be. She posts facts about the holdings, the loan to value, etc. Based on those facts, to this point she thinks in the long run AIB will turn out to be a great investment. Things could change to make her wrong on the long term value of this stock, but don't say something stupid like she is pumping the stock.

      I suspect you are 100% wrong as to whether she is Irish or not, but who cares. She regularly posts articles and facts from the Irish press, for which most of us on this board are grateful. If you think this is a bad investment, that's fine, and feel free to post. But say something useful, unlike in this most recent post.

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      • Maybe she's counting her 'winnings' today from her others investments. I know I am :)

      • Oh yeah then why isn't she posting these past few days...I am willing to bet when this bounces she will be posting again.Of course she is a pumper in her own way. She has posted facts about where the stock price would be? Wow - that's against SEC must KNOW something we don't.
        And no she isn't Irish but maybe I am 46.56% wrong (how can somebody be 100% wrong???). That is just stupid to say something like that. But I do wonder why you are so vigorous in defending her. Could it be...oh no wouldn't stoop to multiple aliasing would you? LOL Funny how your post gets 3 rating 5 stars...funny that...ROFL

      • Quite correct. Irish girl is posting good info, has identified her connection with AIB (not insignificant investor)and, IMO, is quite Irish.

        She obviously wants the stock to go up but backs that up with facts. Of course, one takes all postings on these boards with some reserve.

        Myself, I am quite amazed with the Monday meltdown in Europe. I had thought that the banking mess was largely USA based. Not so it appears.

        Just too much credit has been created and put out into the market.