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  • patriots_rule2008 patriots_rule2008 Nov 26, 2010 1:19 PM Flag

    status of stock in aib

    Can anyone explain to me the status of AIB shareholders .
    1) will this bank go bankrupt
    2) will the government terminate the value of the shares?
    3) if the bank is merged with other government banks taken over what will the stauts of stock shares be?
    thx in advance!

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    • I'm thinking toilet paper but that is just me.

    • 2) is an interesting questions. If AIB is nationalized it doesn't necessarily mean our shares are worthless. Sometimes a gov. will pay "fair value" for shares. However, this is unlikely to happen here because the Irish people have been asked to suffer, so it is likely that AIB shareholders will also have to suffer. Peter

    • 1-They are the two largest bank in Ireland with both bearing the country's name. There is noway that they will go bk. The government is also already promised that there will not be any more nationalization of the banks in Ireland.

      2-Again, terminate the value of the share would be nationalization, something the government is promised not to do and has not worked out well for the Anglo-Irish bank which they did nationalize months ago.

      3-There is been talks of combining the "bad" portion of these banks with the government owned banks as a "bad bank" but keeping the good loans with IRE and AIB. There has never been a discussion of combining AIB or IRE with those banks wholesale.

      hope this helps.