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  • insect_insight insect_insight Dec 19, 2012 12:19 PM Flag

    dumb AMATEUR #$%$(s) bought 1000 92.50 Jan PUTS today.....


    This mornings tiny contrived dip by the AGN slime specialist is SO OBVIOUS insofar as his roping in another round of CLUELESS AMATEUR #$%$ to short the great stock, primarily via the soon to be WORTHLESS AGN PUTS.

    AGN technicals are THE best I've seen in ages for any stock...and in a stock market filled with rotten choices, AGN is one of the few genuine standout great ones.

    SMARTER pros and market vets are leveraged to the max with AGN longs, in stock and calls, and this sweeeeeet gem should begin GAPPING UP sharply into close of year in order to bring it into proper RELATIVE valuation to other sector members.

    Almost feel sorry for the AGN shortie imbeciles and dumber than dirt put purchasers but on second thought..........NOT!!!! They DESERVE to be WIPED OUT for failing to do their homework and FAILING to have a bare minimum of intelligence when it comes to understanding how stocks REALLY trade.


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