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  • dhuvarren dhuvarren Feb 18, 1998 11:41 AM Flag

    Where's the rise?

    I'm no M.D., but the news on cataract treatment seemed pretty important. Could help lot's of folks. I would have expected at least a little rise after the announcement.

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    • Let us see which way the new President takes AGN. Going to be interesting to finally see some direction as to where AGN will go. Give him time and then watch for some action.

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        REFERENCE: IFSC (Interferon Sciences, Inc)
        REFERENCE: IFSC (Interferon Sciences, Inc)
        REFERENCE: IFSC (Interferon Sciences, Inc)

        Dectar (a.k.a. The Wolf)
        A few of you may know me....if you do, you either love me or hate me....not
        much in's tough to be a leader....and it's tougher to constantly take advantage of people that make decisions based on emotions....they tend to dislike a person after that happens.�.
        ....I mean when panic sets in...people go 'nutso' and their emotions and panic sets in....that's when myself and some other professional 'killers' step in to mop up the's a profitable way to make a living....playing off of other peoples takes a cool head and heartless emotion to sort thru and take full advantage of the situation.......

        I've taken the time to do a major amount of research on the topic of this company
        since this morning(friendly forces tipped me about the activity over here)...

        WOW..did everyone ever OVER-REACT to the 'News' at the end of the
        week.....Holy Cow is all I can say....what a buying opportunity....NO...I take that

        back....WHAT A LICENSE TO STEAL the short sellers are now gonna
        scramble to cover their positions and the panic-attacked previous stock holders
        are SICK having provided the carnage to the genius individuals that went LONG
        on this stock on Friday... Absolute WOW!!!!!

        My only regret is that I didn't hear about this opportunity till Saturday
        morning......that's when I put the wheels in motion and made some phone calls
        and some additional research........

        Please...Please...Please.........EVERYONE Stay in that Panic mode till atleast
        mid-morning that I've got a chance to buy in Monday.......SELL
        SELL SELL....PLEASE......I'll take all the shares I can get up to $3!!!!!!!!

        This stock WILL rebound quickly to $4 to $6 bucks during the middle of the

        Dechtar (a.k.a. The Wolf)

225.72-7.79(-3.34%)Jun 24 4:03 PMEDT