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  • SHEPEIO SHEPEIO May 12, 1998 2:11 PM Flag


    does anyone know what the jump in price is a result of? about 4 weeks ago (when i first starting following agn) it was at 38. any insight would be appreciated.


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    • Slightly better than expected earnings, new ceo
      who promises that it will be at 50 by end of 99,
      committment to accountability which is new at Allergan,
      salary expense will continue to be reduced through
      restructure, layoffs.

      They want to become a small (for
      the pharmaceutical industry), aggressive company that
      can react quickly in the marketplace.

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      • It seems/appears this company has been
        restructuring for a long time. Can you provide any insight(s)
        as to HOW they plan to become smaller and more
        aggressive in the marketplace? While their product portfolio
        includes more than pharmaceuticals, it is difficult for me
        to understand how they will react more quickly in
        the pharmaceutical marketplace. Unfortunately, I
        understand all too well about restructuring and layoffs.
        Thanks for the input.

    • I agree that the 1992 reorganization eliminated
      many of the true entrepeneurs at the company. Shepard
      was only there to bleed the company of salary and
      stock until he retired, and he surrounded himself with
      yes-men. He got away clean, but left the baggage for the
      shareholders. Another of many senior executive that populate
      american corporations whos only interest is themselves.
      Funny how high the stock has gotten since he left. But
      his legacy, the staff that protected him still
      remains and the only way to infuse life into the company
      to to rid it of the cancer. The new CEO should
      realize that the people surrounding him have no skill
      sets necessary to run a company, only to protect their
      interests. If in doubt, look at the insider trading. None of
      the senior execs is buying, only selling to get their
      piece of the pie. Unless this level goes and some
      talent comes in, $60 is the limit.

    • It seems you have some excellent insights on what
      needs to happen/what will happen at AGN. I'd rather not
      discuss that in this forum. Believe me, I have a long
      history Allergan. Please feel free to email me: might know each other. Thx, Bill F.

    • Who in the world is Bear Steren? Is your post a
      hoax or what? To be considerate , I will assume you
      are from a foreign country!!!!

      A couple of

      1) Why will increasing the R&D budget be good for
      investors? Are you familiar with the "time" required to
      introduce products? Are you familiar with past R&D

      2) Specifically, why do you believe the new CEO,
      David Pyott, will make a difference. I would like to
      know his plans from your perspective.

      3) Based
      on what specific information do you expect AGN to
      have a return of 15-25% in the next 3-6

      I'm not picking on you, but your post is poorly
      written and frought with "bulletin board stock"

      I welcome your comments.

    • Glad that the AGN people are joining the Msg
      Board. Its been boring and we need to hear from you all.
      The new CEO is doing a great job and is on the right
      road to success. Notice the stock price. Will the
      "lifers" allow him to change the AGN philosophy and the
      AGN way. He needs our support as Sales declined in
      Fiscal Year 1997 1% prior to his coming on board and the
      Day Sales In Inventory climbed from 123 days to 135
      days. Sales decline 1% and DSI is up 9%.
      Now lets
      not make the Inventory guy a VP yet. Note the Day
      Outstanding went from 77 Days in 1996 to 60 Days in
      1997--that is the guy who has to be laid off. With less
      Sales, the Cost of Sales was up 4% Why. What is the
      story on the lens problem?
      I hear there may be
      problems on the multifocal. Anyhow glad to hear from you
      all. Let the CEO remake AGN into Alcon...

    • Can the new CEO see the forest. So far nothing
      has really happened that has changed the way AGN
      reacts to the marketplace.
      Selling tools are lacking
      and the internal areas are controlled by managers who
      have been there for years. How can the people
      caused the problem, be the same people that will fix the

      problem. The "mind set" is not there and its not going to
      change. Its easy to say eliminate the work then eliminate
      workers its simply not going to happen. Certain methods
      tools that the customers need are totally
      lacking at AGN. Listen to the field personnel and the ex
      field personnel and they can explain what it takes to
      get an order processed, shipped and still be short 4
      items. Look at the fill rates.
      The "fools" are there
      and they will remain there as they have the ability
      to BS and play "politics." Results are not rewarded,
      whether you are liked or not.
      MillleniaMan1000 you have a heady
      job to do and its going to
      take time, but do you have the time.

    • My advice is not to take these message posts too
      seriously. If you think AGN is bad, try looking at Boeing
      (BA). It is nothing more than a quasi email system for

      Personally, I look at the Yahoo message board for all of the
      equities I own and track. Most of it is worthless, but
      fun, chat. On occasion, I will find an intelligent
      post (like Finanly) that will push me to seek more
      information. Does that mean I act on his insights? No! Simply
      another source of information to put into the investment

      I was with AGN for 27 years and certainly wish the
      new CEO well. I have a small position in AGN, but, as
      a private investor, will move back into the stock
      IF if looks good to me.

      Have a good one. Bill
      Faulds (

      We might know each

    • You are correct. The restructuring that is taking
      place will only be a stop gap method and will only bear
      fruit through the
      3rd Qtr when the $125M to $150M
      restructuring charge will hit. Your are right...then what. The
      infrastructure will still be there and the lifers will have
      their jobs and nothing will change. Decisions will not
      be made as failure will be judged.
      The new CEO is
      doing the right thing, but he needs to bring in his own
      people and change the mentality. To many people with
      less than 3 years with Allergan are disheartened and
      are now going along for the ride. It will be
      interesting who is left after the layoffs. Will the new CEO
      put his plan into effect and will it be functional.
      At present Allergan does not have ths systems in
      place to be a major player. They do not even know who
      their customer is and what the customer wants. I am out
      $65 if the funds do not unload first. Watch the
      volume and your sell signal is correct. I still think
      $75 is a reach, but attainable based upon the CEO's
      performance. He is doing the right thing, but he has to have a
      sharper knife and really cut
      as the infrastructure
      will defeat him.

    • The new CEO is a winner and will react to any B&L
      B&L still has to merge the Chiron and Storz into
      their structure
      and this is going to take time.
      Presently you have 3 of everything than you will have 2 of
      everything then 1. This is
      an excellent opportunity for
      AGN to pull away and gain market
      share. This is
      what the goal of the new CEO is for 1999, but first he
      must get his own operation cleaned up and molded to be

      an aggressive fighting machine that is seriously
      lacking. Look for signs at the start of 4Q as the lay offs
      have been
      completed, and now he can adequately
      manage AGN without 5 tiers
      of management. Hopefully,
      he will hold people accountable
      as Return on R&D
      is so poor as there are simply no new
      and only smoke screens of joint ventures. AGN is on a
      and hopefully it will continue, but major changes
      have to be
      made and drastic downsizing will have to
      done to force the
      issues into the open. Cut
      everything by 1/3 would be a start
      and needs to be done
      as that is what the Investment Community
      banking on and causing a surge in the stock price.

    • I read your post with great interest. I, too, am
      an "ex-allergan."

      I was with Allergan for 27
      years. My last position was Sr. V.P., U.S. Sales &
      Marketing for eye/skin pharmaceuticals & Botox.
      I was
      downsized (read "canned") about 4 years ago.

      sense is we know each other?

      Please feel free to
      email me: if you'd like to discuss the
      matter offline.

      Thanks, Bill F.

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