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  • linlibra linlibra Aug 2, 1998 4:39 PM Flag

    stock selling

    does anyone know why GH and L.Kaplan are selling their stock. Is it a bad sign?

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    • Have I made you angry?

    • tell me mister wiseguy how could you possibly
      know what this company will be doing if you in fact do
      not have insider info. you should be concerned if you
      continue to try and impress with your confidential
      statements...lets just leave it at that.

    • No mindgames here oldeyeguy. I am not an
      employee. I'm just trying to prove a point that I know more
      than you think and that I am not a "brainless
      bonehead". I have said nothing on this board that would lead
      to an SEC investigation. Your scare tactics are

    • you are indicating that you are an insider
      yourself or as an employee have access to insider
      information. let me give you some should not be
      on this message board, in fact one could make the
      case your indentity should be reported to the
      are saying that you have access to this data before
      the company files with the i correct,or are
      you just playing a mind game?

    • AGN will file with the SEC today, the insider
      sales that occurred over the past 30 days. As I am
      fully aware of all sales that took place, I will not
      disclose names and amounts until the filing has been
      received by the SEC.


    • the issue is not who knows what about AGN, but
      how to read insider reports and what to make of them
      as they relate to future impact on any company. in
      this regard you are a wannabe who acts the part of a
      knowlegable investor. you constantly are making negative
      comments to those folks on this message board who are past
      employees of the company...try adding something of value
      and i won,t continue to point out your inexperiance
      and shortcomings.

    • I guess we will just have to see who the real
      bonehead is. Keep reading the insider sales bonehead! As
      for a brainless idiot, I know more about this company
      than you think or ever will know.


    • you are a argumentative bonehead...wake up learn
      to read the section on will see that
      gsh has exercised options for a PLANNED
      idiot he has not necessarily sold far as my
      time is concerned, i have lots of fun talking to
      brainless idiots like you.

    • Do your homework again. gsh did sell stock in the last 2 weeks.
      Your friend Deuce says he goes way back with gsh and his father. So what! How well does he really know them?

    • You do the commentary and I'll stay on the
      sideline. I go way back (30+ years) with GSH JR. and his
      deceased father.

      I think you, whoever you are, have
      far more history and wisdom with AGN than

      Besides, I hope "piston" invests in all suggestions made
      by Merrill Lynch. He's obviously young and could go
      broke if he believes everything he "hears" from any
      broker....just my opinion.l

      I,too, fail to understand his
      anger. This board is for fun...last time I


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